Tuesday, November 01, 2016

It has been 4 years

6.30pm ... market no direction ...

FGV : Broken RM2 today to close RM1.96. Avoid.

BJFood : I m still sore with the miss ... when I didnt grab during the selldown (long black) and didnt buy the next day either as it gapped up. talking about MISSED trades, I have many in a week. MANY. So ... to feel frus, I should be feeling extremely frus la ... right? haha

Dayang : Broken RM1 support ... O&G sector no need to touch. High risk. OIL dived below USD50 again ... as our petrol up 15cents for Nov.

It has been 4 years ... since I recieved a T-shirt from i3 (as a token of appreciation). I m no longer in i3, so guess they wont be sending another T-shirt?

I have seen changes in the way I write ... also some contents which I could comprehend much better now, after 8 years being in markets. It is a daily basis for me ... and reaching critical level now as we are moving into final phase of bull-market.

Thanks i3 for the recognition, anyway. As I have told earlier, I will be writing whatever I want to write ...

As I m waiting for sharp correction ... then only I will be busy to write and check market again.


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