Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday blah-blah

Good morning to Sunday ... a great day to rest.

Last night I met another two of my long-lost Uni coursemates!! Will take more efforts to meet more of them ... there are around 20 of us in the watsapp ... not easy to get in touch of old friends, lost contacts for some 26years!!

CY : He was a very active person ... most active during Uni time and organiser of many events. Yeah ... he could recall so well many Uni events ... including me&him the only two silly students taken "Complex Analysis" under Prof Dr Chong Kong Ming

Note on Prof Chong's work on AM-GM : ( )
 and (

Anyway, CY is currently a lecturer in local-private Uni, after taken his Masters in Applied Mathematic. He wants to 'follow' me to capitalise in stock-market crash ... but he has zero knowledge in stock-investments

MY : She is one ambitious lady ... first class honours ... went to Spore to work, and the promoted and then shifted to China .... as China was expanding in very past pace. Imagine working in Shanghai some 10 years ago ... and still currently based in China (travelled to US often as it is a large US company). She is a senior-director of Asia-Pacific region now. Very strong lady, indeed.

We talked about education and China. Haha .. interesting to meet friends after 26years.

Life is more than just work-money-die ... at least that is how I see it. Haha. I enjoyed simple chat with old-friends ... admiring their achievements and doings.

Ok ... KLCI chart no-good after Friday. See if 1650 support ok-or-not next week.

Time to go ... have nice Sunday.


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