Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Stock Alert : AT

Updated the list ... too lazy to key-in the exact kos/nilai for each stocks. So, I just placed the 'jumlah'. Hope ASB would be able to give another 7% dividend (and I taken loan at 5% interest). I will be reading the whole interim-report for this week. It is written in Malay.

I m in 'lazy' mode ... do not want to check on things much. Few issues to settle ... so, I go-here-there to lepak ... to get my mind out of the bugging issues. Will face them head-on, anyway.

AT : activated recently for distributions. If those punters do not SELL ... now, will get very sticky and ... low could go lower.

Note : Saw Perisai at 5.5cents this morning. Do not catch.

Time to get back ... being lazy. Will update my recent coffee-dates, ok?


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