Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Rest needed

BJToto : An US-Bank fund exited ... that was in 21st Jun 2013. I shown TDM and HSPlant too ... during weekend to explain to the group about funds exiting at ANY PRICE.

These are good dividend stocks .... but if the funds need to exit, they will exit. That is how selldown could occur ...and might triggered some panic-selling amongst retailers. During sharp-correction, these are common sight ... and some might trigger 'margin-calls' and that ... that forced-selling would pressed any stocks involved much lower (due to lacking in buyers or wait-n-see stance).

Good morning ... I m tired as I was shifting ... and this week, I would be using 'new' place. Without an office for myself, I have to like ... re-start again. At Starbuck now, instead.

So ... I shall take rest ... rest from many activities and things I m doing.

After settling the 'office shifting' and 'selling of apartment', I will have to plan for the finances part for next year. Preparing for market crash ... that is main focus in 2017.

It is year-end again ... 3 months to go ... preparing YET another new-year resolution. I will want to take a rest ...

ToastMaster : I will be giving it a skip till next yr? Or next-next year ... I have not be able to attend many of the meetings. It is tiring.

As I have reduced many of things I have been involving ... in 2016, I will have to reduce further my involvements. It is to check-balance on my time-management (and financial too)

As number classes are still managable, I m opting not to teach on Sundays, reserving it for rest-day for family. Need more outdoor activities, as wife suggested.

Perhaps going to waterfalls ... or ...

Ok ... it is almost 10am. Time to do some reading ...


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