Sunday, October 23, 2016

Coffee-date with JL

Good morning ... to a good results. They won 2 - 1, vs WBA. Actually, if you watch the game ... with 2-0 ahead in first-half, they could have scored a few more in the second-half but instead ... they conceded the goal and have to hang-on for 10mins plus. Anyway ... a win lifting them to top-4, a rare feat these days. haha.

I have few coffee-dates recently which I have not written or share them here. Ok ... trying to recall my meeting with JL, a trader with a local bank.

JL has been with the bank as trader for past 2-3 years. Being a young professional, he has been humble to learn. And yes me, he is a very knowledgable person. Perhaps it is his trainings and his surrouondings, making him a good trader.

JL has not experienced a market crash ... but as he is still so young, he will be witnessing few crashes!! So ... he said he stumbled upon my blog and interested to hear my stories on 2008-crash and preparation of the crash.

JL started to be intrested with financial-markets during his Uni-years and see it as a great opportunity to challenge himself. Being young and ambitious, I see him as a great trader in the making. He may not tell me what exactly his job specifications are ... but I could see his vision to be his own fund-manager, in the future.

Yes ... start young ... start small. One day, as we grow bigger ... we could handle larger responsibilities. To me, the coming crash would be seeing the last few years for me to be in markets!! All my stock-watch members (exisiting one) would be free ... should gained hugely from the crash and then ... we will not be trading much. By then, I no longer taking in members too. I do not need noises ... and hope the exisiting members will help others too.

For JL ... he will see many more crashes. So ... I will really like to keep in touch with your progress, JL. Thanks for respecting me so much ... I m just a mere teacher, a blogger la. Oh yes, thanks for that gift ... no gift is too small. It is the gesture and 'heart'. Let me know ... when you see the crash coming, ya. haha. Yeah ... wont expose you-la ... just stay focus. Good luck.

Will keep in touch ... for sure.

KNM : Oil up .. KNM up? these words been mentioned for YEARS ... crazy. Now oil up above USD50, are we going to see rally in O&G counters? No? BUY KNM at 40cents la ... may be they will goreng her up again ... to RM1?

Dont know what to look for in the budget : PR1MA being mentioned a lot. What counters will benefit?

Anyway ... it is Sunday. I didnt trade much and staying sideway, waiting for breakout of 1675 resistance level ... or sharp correction to come.

Have nice weekend.


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