Thursday, September 08, 2016

Training FEAR in us

It is time to be with myself ... went to market-talk at ss2 last night, the room was packed with mostly aunties/uncles. So ... it is no crash fear yet. I felt younger in that crowd ... hehe.

Last night, the speaker (a popular figure) said MYR to strengthen ... and bullish in equities. He was right to point out that we would NOT see severe crash as in 1997-1998. Our debt is not in USD, but in MYR. Without hot foreign funds in KLSE .... we do not expect new high OR ... to see it positively, we would not see severe crash ...

1900 divide 2 = 950 points would be the low point, in my opinion ... so, I m not as bearish as TTB?

Property-stocks potentially would be in--play ... just read about property-developers applying to be Ah-long ... buy buy buy property time!! Crazy ...

Goreng NWP (apa counter ni?) ... at 31cents now. Crazy greedy-kaki punted inside.

Penny-stock portfolio : I started the ball-rolling ... to share with others (put RM10k aside) how to learn ... to be patient, control emotion and yes ... buy during coming sharp correction. To make the risk higher, we are going to buy PENNY stock(s). Let all let to check ... learn together is my motive in 2016 as trading becoming challenging and we are not going to risk our capital too much. This would be under my pointer #4 (Knowledge and Experience) as this is the only way ... I could share and learn with others.

Many of them said they would be committed to it ... good. We shall report again by end-Dec , to see the ROI.

Excerpt : Trading presents a fundamental paradox: How do we remain focused, disciplined, and confident in the face of constant uncertainty? Learning how to redefine your trading activities is such a way that allows you to completely accept the risk is the key to thinking like a successful trader.

Excerpt : When you are fearful your awareness narrows. You cannot perceive other possibilities or act on them properly even if you did perceive them because fear is immobilizing. Physically it causes you to freeze or run, mentally it causes you to narrow your focus of attention to the object of your fear. This means that thoughts about your options, as well as most of the information available from the market will be blocked. You will no longer think of all of the rational things you have learned about the market until you are no longer afraid… the event is over.
Once the trade is over you often reflect on it. This is where the “should of, could of, would of” comes in, exacerbating your emotional pain.

Just shared two excerpt I m reading now (of Trading in the zone).

Dec 2014 diving ... I bought 10 penny stocks started from 15th dec to 18th dec. If I m free, I will try to look for my previous stocks(cant remember) ... WILLOW ... I bought when I was at Kundasang. haha ... of the 10 penny-stocks, 8 of them rebounded 20% in 1-2 weeks ... only 2 failed to hit my 20% target and I sold for smaller profits.

This is just to train my FEAR level ...

So ... I m going to buy during coming sharp correction. RM10k for each penny-stocks!! How is that?

Time to continue my reading ... Trading In The Zone.


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