Saturday, September 03, 2016

Saturday blah-blah

Morning ... DOW up 72points @ 18492 level.

e-meeting : Last night I have a few new audience ... listening to my blah-blah about SHIPPING industry ... began with HanJin (showing them how big HanJin is ... trading in Korea-SE , was from 40,000 won dropped to current 1,240 won!!). Sharing with them what collapse means ... how you see leaders dropping since 2012 ... and how our MHB and gang dropping in tandem.

Yes ... many of them thanked me for my time, my sharing and that motivated me to continue to have more of such e-meeting. haha. I m more persistent than most around, I guess.

Also ... I will use one e-meeting to teach HOW TO CUT LOSS ... so far, I only touch on how important cut-loss is ... if not, we would be stuck inside Perisai, Alam, MHB, Dayang, TAS, Sealink, THHeavy ... and gang.

Understanding that ... I hope I could reach out to more aunties/uncles/newbies who could FACE their losses in REAL .... and make progress in learning to CUT LOSS (ahead of market crash) and how they could learn to check on their sectors, stocks and charts.

I do have many e-mail sent to me ... asking about what they should do with their portfolio and those stocks that are sinking lower ... some bought into those speculative XOX, Sumatec and such and ... STUCK.

Dayang : One of the many victims ... dropped 70% from the peak ... testing RM1 again, once going below 98cents ... we shall see more down-side. It is sad ... that many retailers STILL stuck up there and we could not help them. Some of them feel TOO painful to cut-loss ... some of them averaging it down(BIGGEST mistake here) and some of them ... hoping it will rebound. Whatever it is ... HanJin case is one big issue but it started in 2012 ... not this week.

KNOW what you are buying ... WHY you are buying at that level ... and your EXIT point.

That is what I emphasised to many ... but again, it will be bounced out of their ear drums. It is ... kinda sure that most retailers will STUCK up there when sector crashes (O&G ...most stuck up there, for example). Shipping is another sector sinking deeper ... and many will blame it on HanJin??

Sealink : Trading at 20cents level now ... this is how bad the sector is.

Will talk about the furniture-export sector stories once the dust is over ... and most of the stocks back to base ... finding equilibrium.

Those over heated stocks, popular ones ... and once again, could not escape the stampede of exodus.

Evergreen : From 43cents(JAN 2015) to RM1.65 (JAN 2016) ... I missed it at 70cents as it hit 74cents ... and shot up to above 90cents. It was from RM1.60 ... to 90cents now. How to escape if we are STUCK up there? Still playing on the USD stories or low oil-price stories? Understand STORIES ... vs FUNDAMENTALS?

I will only mention them again ... once all these back to logical base. At the moment, it is showing a technical-rebound and we shall see if it is sustainable.

It is Sept ... too spooky for me to be in. Keep cash ... wait for sales.

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Time for classes ... and earn some bullets. I might plan an e-meeting tmr night if I m free and not tired (no EPL this weekend)

Have nice weekend.


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