Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lazy day ... rest.

Good morning ... DOW plus 133points after media reported Hillary 'won' the debate.

The up-down ... we are so used to it, right? As I m sideway, nothing much to write about except that this week I m very busy with shifting of office ... and oh yes, I managed to find a buyer for my apartment (bought 2011) ... yes, selling of the apartment to preserve capital as cash-is-king during crisis time.

So .. settled office and apartments(sold the Sabah's beach-apartment last Dec). What is nex to sell? Those items ... foldable-bike, mini-ipad, laptop, projector and anything I could throw into the garage-sales!! haha.

HuaYang : Hitting resistance at RM1.88 at the moment. Saw Ecoworld gapped up this morning. Property-stocks in play?

As my mind is full with things I needed to settle by next week ... and also heavy into reading those books, I could not write much ... but will want to write about "how I quit my job, paid all my debt and change my financial mindset". It is meant for a media to publish!! Just to do it.

Time to gym ... and have some reading(again).

Note : No extra e-meeting for coming 1-2 weeks due to my laziness. haha


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