Saturday, September 03, 2016

Four FEARS of trading

I am still reading this book : Win by not losing

This is a good book ... to stay defensive amidst of current volatile market, pending correction ... and crash. So, by not losing ... we win. How many of us (RETAILERS) will be able to 'escape' the brutal blow ... when crash happens?

Check the O&G counters which I have mentioned MANY times ... simply because many of retailers ALREADY stuck up there. Don't believe me? Ask around ... many of those QUIETLY still stuck inside THHeavy, Sumatec, KNM, Alam, Perisai, Scomi, MHB, Armada, Daya, Dayang, Coastal ... to name the common few. Hibiscus ... Sona, Cliq and the gang too.

Check those roller-coaster such as XOX, IRIS and such which would be mentioned in my tmr night's e-meeting. yeah ... will want to talk about CHEAP MINDSET which is very common among losers(80%).

The link to the e-meeting : click below

Here is something to share ... fine-tuning our mindset.

Ok ... back to my reading ... WIN BY NOT LOSING

Have a nice Sunday and prepare questions to ask in tmr's e-meeting regarding CHEAP MINDSET.



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