Friday, September 02, 2016

e-meeting on cut Loss : Shipping

3.15pm : Just finished two classes ... KLCI flat at 1671.

I was sharing with my trading group the importance of CUT LOSS. Using shipping counters to show them ... lets check them out.

MHB is one heavy-weight to show. Trading @ RM1 today, IPO-ed at RM3.61 level ... hit high above RM8 plus and was KLCI-index linked counters. Born in 2010, out of mommy MISC.

For those still HOLDING ... can ask yourself .. WHY?

We could blame it on crash of oil-prices ... or the collapse of the whole industry. We could blame on the remisiers or whoever recommended us to buy into MHB at whatever price .. blame it on luck. But ... is that constructive? How about learning to take RESPONSIBILITIES ... and blame ourselves for a change?

Our ignorance ... do not know how to CUT LOSS. How about coming to me blah-blah e-meeting where I will drum you with CUT LOSS stories? Really ... think for a while. MANY STUCK INSIDE these and O&G counters ... oil-price collapse ... do we really know WHY? Shale-gas is being blamed (scape goat) ... IRAN took the blame too ...

WHY no many talk about ECONOMIES globally are NOT good? Why give face to governments?

Check Maybulk ... down trending, trading around 70plus cents today. If we caught at RM1.50, we are half-priced now ... and needs 100% appreciation of price to break-even, right? So .. CUT LOSS is logical?

Hubline : Game over ... cheap becoming cheaper. I knew of someone told me he bought at 3cents as it is CHEAP? I asked him to change his mindset when he came for my trading workshop. Didn't hear from him since then ... don't know if he has CUT LOSS as I taught all that. Painful lessons for newbies and punters ...

There ... another e-meeting tonight to blah-blah about CUT LOSS.

Please join my meeting, Friday, 2 September, 2016 at 9:30 PM

Meeting ID: 453-040-893

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Time to run ... to jog, I mean.


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