Wednesday, September 07, 2016

coffee-date with Mr CH

Today ... I met another KLSE's investor t. Let us just call him CH.

CH e-mailed to meet me ... few times (sorry, I do not reply e-mail unless relevant ones) and the last e-mail last week, requesting to treat me coffee ... ok, I m 'bribe-able'.

CH is 52yrs old ... working as sales-person. He started invested in KLSE since 40yrs old ... some 12 yrs in market but seldom trade ... and buy to hold. He was 'lucky' as he sold most of his stocks in 2005-2006 ... and missed the crash as he was 'busy' with personal issues.

And missed the whole market 2008-crash-2009-recovery ... and want to join me next year, to learn and hope to capitalise in the crash. Hmm ... I cant promise anything ... all I could say, I m preparing but yet to be seen ... the execution part.

He came back to KLSE after years ... in 2014. Market was hot with GST and penny-stock time ... and stuck in some of those counters. He gave me permission to mention his portfolio ... as he is 85% in markets, stuck in 12 counters (including XinQuan ... which is upsetting me at the moment) ... plantations, properties and O&G counters.

With 85% stuck up there ... 15% cash in hand, market YET to crash ... so, he is naturally worried.

His portfolio is about 40% down ... the most severe is XINQUAN, which he is holding at average 50cents. I do not know if he averaged it down to 50cents or bought at 50cents when KYY mentioned about it on 31st Dec post (my member feed me with the news on XQ as I do not follow)

Anyway ... I m going to write few of his stocks (thanks for the permission) for learning purposes. Well, he is kind enough to say ... he done many stupid-mistakes (ignorant ... not stupid la) and hope others will learn from his mistakes.

I assured him that I have done most of his mistakes and more ... haha. Yeah ... I was naïve and stupid too ... no longer as I grew to learn from my mistakes.

Here I m going to show few of his counters and WHY cut-loss is a MUST when we are in markets.


Coastal : This is CH's largest position ... down 40% from his average RM2.50. I m concerned about this as it is in O&G sector and we do not see light anytime soon. No averaging down, please. Lesson would be ... GET OUT once the trend is over. When crude-oil dived below USD85 ... cut-loss/take-profit in ALL O&G counters. Somehow ... many retailers STUCK inside few O&G counters. Check your own portfolio .... you might be one of them.

Aemulus : This is the first time I posted Aemulus's chart ... and I have no idea of their biz etc etc. It closed at 27.5cents as of yesterday. As CH's average around 40cents ... he is down some 30% here.

XinQuan : As CH's bought with average 50cents ... this is 80% down. Closed at 10cents, luckily his position not too huge inside here ... but he said he going to cut-loss. He told be KYY wrote about it as 'under-valued' ... and I asked "Are you sure?". Yup ... KYY did write about it ... but I m not aware. So, the lesson here is NEVER to buy ANY china-stocks trading in KLSE (of even SGX).

TitiJaya : A weekly chart, supported by 20MA ... will property be in-play AGAIN after the 2014(Jan to Sept) rally? Still ... not understanding THEME play is not acceptable ... and buying WITHOUT cut-loss is not acceptable, especially it is 2016 now.

Note : I discovered that HuaYang (my previous flame) chart is very nice. Will consider.

will update tonight(or tmr morning as tonight I m going for a market talk) in my blog here .. which would not be shown in i3 (non re-fresh-able) as I m posting it here now.

Got class now ...


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