Saturday, September 24, 2016

Coffee-date with BC

Good morning ... Saturday is whole day class for me. Just done one (8.30am) and awaiting next one.

This morning, our chatbox talking about RIGHT ISSUES (which may not be right ....but that is one of the right way for companies to raise funds).

It is an interesting topic, needs further investigation on stocks which went through right-issues.

Few 'popular' once recently were AAX ... MBSB ... Armada ... of coz we still remember MAS? Or the notorious right-issue by Maybank to acquire stakes into BII.

So ... i will want to write about these ... after re-collecting those information and we shall have a check which is doing well AFTER the right-issues .. which are not. Then, place the reasons on the WHY. Investigation going on ...

Perhaps, I will use Yinson's right-issue as example?

As today busy with classes and tonight is Liverpool's game ... i could only try to attend this InvestSmart Fest tmr noon (morning still got a class and my boy's badminton game). Tmr night got an appointment.

Oh yes ... I got another coffee-date today ... interesting. Another free coffee ... at Coffee-Beans again! haha.

Let me recall my coffee-date with BC, a lawyer in profession.

I met BC last month ... we seldom see lawyers in KLSE? Well ... he is kinda different type of lawyers ... he worked with a local broker firm when he started his career some 20plus years ago! Yes, he seen the 1997-1998 crash ... but he was not in invest/trade ... he is busier suing clients for not paying! Haha ...

One point he brought up during the 97-98 crash is ... EVERYONE was down. Those remisiers who used to be happy (many made millions during the BULL 93-96) and jovial ... the mood changed so so drastic and ... each time he greeted them GOOD MORNING ... some would be so cynical ...

... what is there to be GOOD about the MORNING!!

He was too young back then ... to understand ... that is the time to BUY stocks and INVEST. So ... he missed the whole crash ... too busy and too many court-case ... suing each other for MONEY. Yeah ... many went through the PAINFUL 1997-1998 crash ... without recovering their lost monies.... their pride battered and many have quitted. NO MORE stock-market for me, they sweared.

My friend, SC ... who is my long-time 'supporter' ... joined my stock-watch group some years ago. He is more of buy-hold ... till certain %, take profit. Easier to speak to him as he worked in broker-firm previously, before he ventured out to open his own law-firm. He is doing very well ... an ex-UM (my junior, haha).

Then ... we shared about 2008 crash. He missed too!! In fact, due to his buy-hold stance, he was stuck in some of the stocks during 2008 crash. Understandable as he is not a trader ... busy with his works too. We met to discuss my preparation for market crash and he is defnite to continue in my trading-group to capitalise on the coming crash!!

It is always good to know many people from different backgrounds, experiences ... lines ....

I asked him a silly question : BC, do you think I m kinda 'stupid' to prepare for crash at the moment ... or is it a work of a 'genius'?

haha ... only a genius would do such, he replied. haha.

With his words ... i m convinced to continue to prepare ... and asked him not to MISS the crash again ... his third this time. He said he will retire after capitalise on the crash ... and as I will too, we will have more time for coffee-date ... in future.

These are members .. turning becoming friends. I do have many ... where over the years, I treasure the friendships built rather than just talking about stock-markets or money?!

We chatted for hours ... and that was one great coffee-date with a long-time no see friend.

Got to go again ...


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