Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bear Day : 13th Sept

Noon from Sunway Pyramid ... just had a nice lunch @Putien (again).

Watching KLCI diving ... would be great. So ... I want to sit here ... have my Cosans Coffee ... while watching with some excitement the falling ... short FKLI was right as it is SEPT. Do not deny SEPT-effect ...

Excerpt : The best traders can put on a trade without the slightest hesitation or conflict, and just as freely and without hesitation or conflict admit it is not working. They can get out of the trade even if it is a loss and it doesn’t create the slightest bit of emotional discomfort.

Just sent the above reminder to my group-chatbox. It is difficult to ask many to SELL last week ... ahead of the selldown. It is more difficult to ask them to be patient ... don't catch anything yet today. Those playing on STEEL-rally still happy as market down, this morning the steel-counters in green!! Hehe ... Yeah ... Mycron targeting RM2 now as it is too under-valued

Last night e-meeting, I was sharing on 8% cut-loss rule and 4% trailing stop rule. Those not in real-trading would not understand cut-loss and money-management. Markets do not work that way ... with the gogogo call ... it wont gogogo as we wanted it too.

I definitely prefer to make noises during DIVING ... such as how the selldown of GTronic ... or FLBhd recently. Because ... we could only see MORE of such sell-down due to exiting for funds ... well, anything about 8% down per day would excite me  ....

... still waiting for the sell-down of all the steel-counters .... so, it is worth to watch to LEARN.

This is my reading for today ... and yes, lots of preparation at the moment ... for the crash to come. Oh yes, forgotten that someone came to my e-meeting (VERY rude and bad human) ... sarcastically demanding an answer ... if the crash in 2036? Yup ... I m willing to WAIT for 2036 ... after all, I hv another 50% funds inside ... to ride on the so-called bull-rally to 2036. Great.

But still ... have to prepare for market-crash and learn to see bottom, in case it is 2017, instead of 2036, ok?

Ok ... time to smell coffee and continue my reading ...


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