Thursday, September 01, 2016

1st Sept ... keep away

Sejarah MALAYSIA ... for sharing purposes.

LAKSAMANA - Gugurnya Bunga Cinta  

Still a nice song to enjoy ... before I hit the road for my classes ... today is packed with classes as I took a day off yesterday (to be with my old friends and family). Today class is 10am till 6pm non-stop. Tiring ... so, should I have ANOTHER e-meeting regarding FLBHD or HEVEA ... tonight? Tiring leh ... never mind, make it next week (if Liverpool wins)

Evergreen .... q buy 70cents this morning.

Five Minutes - Salah Apa

While Laksamana's era was when I waa in Uni ... Five Minutes era was when I listened to PeterPan's hits ...

Another song I like very much ... Aku-la Sang Mantan ... nice.

Shorting FKLI been doing good for me. But, KLCI might poise a technical rebound before correction in spooky Sept.

Wake me up ... when SEPT ends.

Have a nice Sept.


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