Friday, August 12, 2016

What I want to write about

10.30 am : DOW hit new high ... S&P and Nasdaq at new high ... oil rebounded last night.

KLCI still very much lagging, at 1683 level now ... and we shall see 1700 as resistance next.

Doing nothing much in morning today ... but got classes in noon till night. Exams nearing ... and many of my last year batch students scored A* or A in their further maths!! So, I feel glad ...

Yesterday I skipped the market-talk, still not feeling so well ... need to rest but met two of my young tratles who are trading well at the moment. So, I feel glad ...

There are too many things to write about ... but as I m in resting mood, kinda lazy to squeeze the brain.

Want to write about EUPHORIA ... at stage where BUYING craziness seen in all around ... and creating a bubble-like of situation.

Taken from Investopedia EUPHORIA : During this phase,caution is thrown to the wind, as asset prices skyrocket. The "greater fool" theory plays out everywhere.

Valuations reach extreme levels during this phase. For example, at the peak of the Japanese real estate bubble in 1989, land in Tokyo sold for as much as $139,000 per square foot, or more than 350-times the value of Manhattan property. After the bubble burst, real estate lost approximately 80% of its inflated value, while stock prices declined by 70%. Similarly, at the height of the internet bubble in March, 2000, the combined value of all technology stocks on the Nasdaq was higher than the GDP of most nations. During the euphoric phase, new valuation measures and metrics are touted to justify the relentless rise in asset prices.

Want to write about RISK MANAGEMENT ... as I have understood it wrongly when I was new in markets.

Want to write about over-diversifying as many bought too many stocks in their portfolio(including myself) ... and will not capitalise on huge gain in the RIGHT trend.

Want to write about all my coffee-dates and things I discussed with many of kind-people ... meeting me and treated me coffee/dinner.

Want to write about moving out and selling ... and new center. but too busy as I m still moving and selling.

Want to write about my charity-plan after I retired from the market (after crash) ... but I prefer to keep quiet, show results ... then only plan.

Want to write more ... about the preparation for market crash!!

But ... as I m in off-mode ... that is all for today (haha)

have a nice weekend.


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