Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Stock Watch : FLBHD

Wednesday morning ... sleepy morning as it drizzled.

Last night, I had an e-meeting with some 40-50 attendees ... regarding the importance of EXIT point. When we buy, we need to plan ... to EXIT. Either cut-loss or take profit. No point holding on to stocks too long as it is 2016, where only certain theme-play ...

So ... I will have one more similar (a repeat for those missed it) perhaps ... when I m 'free'. Yes ... will need to help many to clear their stocks that stuck UP THERE for months or years ... and market not even crash YET.

As I m writing, FLBHD at 1.53 ... what do you think of those bought around RM2 or RM2.50 or RM3? Applying dollar-averaging ... buy RM1.50 next level, then RM1 ... and 50cents next. We don't know ... but make sure we sell if rebound up every 50cents. RM3 to RM1.50 ... it has dropped almost 50% from the peak now.

See FLBHD breakdown the support RM1.68 ... that is technically very ugly. I shall wait for it to dive further ...

"As trader, I do not care much ... but I wont buy FLBhd as it is downtrending and quiet now. Many waiting for the coming report. Good or bad? If bad ... then only I might consider. haha"

Days ago (22nd Aug), I wrote about FLBhd as it is a stock mentioned by EC and he watsapp me again to remind all to cut-loss FLBhd as the 'Taiwanese' cannot be trusted.

If we do not cut-loss ... EITHER we are investors and will BUY MORE at lower price (logically) OR we buy to trade ... we got stuck!!

This is 2016 ... where risk in equity-markets at high level. So, to average down ... I disagree. Not to cut-loss and stuck ... I disagree too. So ... I have an e-meeting for those interested to LISTEN.

Don't worry ... I could reach out to less that 0.001% of those in markets and of that 0.001%, only 20% will LISTEN. Out of those 20% who listen, only small 20% will execute!! So ... we are down to few successful ones.

EC also said that I m doing GOOD DEED (Yes, EC ... I m a believe in good karma, good deeds too) and God will bless me. He wished I had been writing this blog in 2004 year when he was in market and he could learn so much and not lose so much!! He is my blog-reader!!

There is a young newbie came in the e-meeting last night. He said these days, traders are more knowledgeable .... I disagreed. I know he meant ... INTERNET and information but trading/investing is not who know more or got more information. Not that leh ... otherwise, all librarians are doing well, right? (WB's words).

Time to do my reading .... about CRASH PROFIT and exercise.


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