Monday, August 29, 2016

Sleepy Monday

Morning ... Monday ... sleepy & hazy morning.

KLCI rebounded on Friday ... to wait for the correction to buy again. Do nothing ... for me.

Last night I had another similar e-meeting (FLbhd my focus) about CUT LOSS .... needed for O&G counters too.

I wanted to write about my meeting with my ex-Uni mates ... interesting to talk about the contrast of FA personality ... and another who is trading futures. I m middle ... I m both. haha.

But I m lazy to use my sleepy brain now. Wanting to go back to sleep ... zzz. ...

Yeah ... Monday blues to see other rivals won their games but Liverpool drew. Sigh.

KLCI green now ... 9.15am.

Ok ... will write later or tonight, then.


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