Saturday, August 06, 2016

Saturday blah-blah

10.50 am : A tuition class cancelled. I just had a class early in the morning ... first time teaching an Asasi-Sains(UM) student tuition, actually ... but I enjoyed that. She is going to sit for her exams coming Monday. All the best.

I m waiting for my next class ... 11.30am to 1pm, then 2pm to 3.30pm ... that will be my Saturdays schedule for coming months.

DOW up 190 points ... we will see BULLISH sentiment back ... after the recent 1MDB news re-surfaced. Well ... as we are getting tired with those old re-cycled news, we will forget about 1MDB soon ... and market shall see 1900 !! Target to short at 2000 level? Haha.

KLCI weekly chart ... supported and now heading to 1700 level again ... yeah, no more fear (hopefully).

As for me, I m still 'inside' but will maintain 50% in cash position ... only to be utilise if there is a sharp correction coming ... and I do not see the crash in 2016.

Bursa ... yes, the tai-kor sure win stock (buy during crash, wont be delisted, no worry) ... breakout into new high!! How is that? Buy and right on the trend.

I am reading The Edge(digital) ... and mentioning about MBSB-DRB .. yes, two badly battered stocks ... in huge rebound.

This is my Saturdays ... classes and when I m free, I will read (on the move) The Edge or Focus Malaysia ... to see some trends, and also some stories ... note that these are MEDIA, they are selling NEWS ... and some of these ... they have the interest (got me?).

No ... no pokemon for me. Get real ... many good books to read, places to visit ... people to meet. I prefer to stay real and dislike those virtual-games ... un-real human(those in forums too, many un-real) ... so, no GO for me. haha

I have not even knew what are Harry Porters about ... didn't know about Lord of the ring ... definitely don't know those network-games, Angry-bird ... Zombies etc etc ... I prefer to stay REAL and POSITIVE.

Have a nice weekend.


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