Saturday, August 20, 2016

RHB Asset Management's counters

The Edge giving us few of the stocks held by RHB Asset Management ... to check on the SELLDOWN of few of their counters. We shall check on the charts rather than speculate on the "WHYs".

Some of the counters are illiquid ... so, when a fund wants to exit, they have to SELL at any price lower due to lacking of buyers! That is the RISK of buying into illiquid counters. As traders, I will always advised my members to buy into LIQUID stocks so that we could exit ... easier. If we are buying HUGE position into a counter, we have to make sure it is liquid(high and consistent volume) ...otherwise, we are INVESTING (buy to hold) and these SELLDOWN could be seen as opportunities to collect more once it hit the floor.

Esceram : That engulfing candle looks good ... will check. I have traded Esceram few times when it was uptrending. So ... now, time to re-lok for any trading opportunities.

PWRoot in the list ... to check.

I m creating a new watch-list for these counters .... for next week trading-idea.

I will try to find time ... to share ''The Edge" ... my opinions. It is hard to find time these days (due to my laziness too. haha)

Also ... I have few coffee-dates notes and pointers to share, especially from Uncle Ben.

Tmr I will have another coffee-date with an experienced person who has been in market for years(longer than me). We shall hear from his point of views about his preparations ... for the coming market crash. Thanks for treating me coffee ...

Have a nice weekend and hope LCW could bring back the cheers. He beat LinDan, what a game to watch. Our mens double brought back another silver. great!!


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