Thursday, August 04, 2016

Part-time job : Listener

Idea of a part-time job : Listening

As I m looking for part-time job (accumulating bullets --- my pointer #2), I was thinking of UBER but many told me it is not worth the time.

Of coz the best for me is to give tuition part-time in tuition centres (at nights) as that is my main line ... but I m teaching tuition whole afternoon, I will prefer not to talk much ... but just listen!!

SO ... I m offering myself to have coffee/dinner with those wish to meet me, to have a listener about your stock-market experiences, to check on your portfolio and giving my opinions, to listen to your grouses ... I will just listen without judging or if my opinions not needed, I will just listen.

I will travel too ... perhaps once a month to Penang, Perak and other states to meet 'clients'. Contact me ... and we shall meet (for a small fee calculated per hour basis)

Well ... will try to promote more once I could get my first client!!

KLCI : up 4 points.

Have to go for classes and complete my daily to-do-list


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Gwo Feng Chong said...

Let me know when you coming to Johor Bahru, I am interested to become your first client