Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Merdeka ...

MERDEKA ... MerDeKa ... Merdeka ...

KLCI up as DOW up 107 points. Merdeka!!

I no longer put up flags on my vehicles (bike and car) ... proudly. Don't ask me why ... sakit-hati. But I still love my country ... the best with the blend of Nasi Lemak, Roti-canai, cendol ... durian and char-keow-teow.

As for me, tmr would be another gathering with my old-classmates. We are all same age ... haha. That was our Std-3 photo ... most of us together from Std 3 to Form 3(and 5). I will be meeting about 8 of them tmr!! Yeah ..

As it rained in the morning ...and stopped now, I want to go out to have a walk in the park now, and hv classes later.

Hevea : I want to write about Hevea as it is breaking the critical support, which means ... a SELL, technically. I checked Hevea's post in i3 and got to know that there is a person exposing the manipulation of the counter ... a good one, indeed.  So, I will not touch to trade and asked my trading members to avoid/sell.

Time to go ... happy MERDEKA day.


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