Saturday, August 20, 2016

Marc Faber roasted

This cocky young fella caught my attention as he criticising Marc Faber (many out there talking about TTB who still keeping cash ... and been negative about equities since 2012!!) ...

He might got a point that those 'bearish' gurus getting things VERY wrong to keep playing the crash-music ... but he is VERY arrogant due to he WANTS to promote himself .. as a technical-guru and if you have an hour to waste, you may want to listen to the clip above.

These are those many ... out there, who trying to promote themselves. He is doing it in extreme by way by de-meaning Marc Faber ... and as we knew Soros buying into 'puts', he must be laughing as Soros registering some paper-loss.

Look ... those hedge-fund managers and investment fund-managers are being entrusted to keep their investment 'safe' ... so that they could survive any un-foreseen circumstances ... they managed BILLIONS of dollars.

If anyone could do better ... apply in. Get the hot-seat ... and show the world how the technical-analysis could profit the funds in huge way.

He is creating GREED ... similar to many PROMOTERS of software, trading-courses, trading-platforms, newsletters, products etc etc ... if you attend some talks, you will know what I mean. Especially those forex-gurus (from spore) who shown you their fast-cars.

Marc Faber :

By calling others 'stupid' ... he lost the respect, even if he is 'right'.

How many times we heard of those into technical-analysis profit HUGELY in stock-markets? Another modern Jesse Livermore?

How many people do you REALLY know who earn millions ... trading?

I will rather listen to Warren Buffett while learning technical-charting. I would remember what many successful investors told me about INVESTING ..

Uncle Ben said that Fundamental Analysis come first ... must combine with Technical Analysis (use simple candle-sticks, volumes and ONE indicators ... support-resistance). If anyone use complicated indicators ... then, they are PROMOTERS of indicators as it gives contradicting signals. Also, Uncle Ben does not believe WAVE THEORY, FIBO-retracement and more ... which is very similar to my belief.

So .. we want to listen to what we want ... I do prefer to listen to those EXPERIENCED ones rather than the young-promoter (and alike) above.

When there are more people believe in these promoters, then ... we might see euphoria(which we need very much) .. prior to crash.

Note : I still do not agree with him de-meaning Marc Faber or whoever as we all have our own rights to believe what we wanted to.


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