Monday, August 29, 2016

Funiture stocks

KLCI daily chart ... supported by 20MA, see if rebound from here.

FLBhd : Closed at RM1.48 ... monitoring in daily basis. From the peak around RM3, now it is 50% discount ... so, I like those in sales. We go shopping during 50-70% discount period, right?

Evergreen : Dropping further ... to close at 80cents today. From RM1.60 plus, now we are 50% DOWN. So ... time to check on her for trading purposes.

Note : I have asked my whole trading group to EXIT the so-called furniture-export-oriented stocks last December ... as those are TOO HOT. I attended the RHB-market talk and they were promoting Evergreen ... so, after hearing those and EVERYONE is like ... talking about the darling-sector, that is mini-euphoria .... so SELL during euphoria. FLBhd, Hevea, Evergreen, PoHuat, Latitude, Signature ... add in the list.

Latitude : Highlighted the DEC 2014 period, it was trading around RM7.50 ... went higher after my SELL call ... to RM8 plus before started to change the trend ... wonder who were selling ... and trading at RM5 now.  Take RM8 divide 2 = RM4. OK ... wait for RM4 and I shall report again.

Which one still staying HIGH up there? Liihen ... Pohuat not bad too.

LiiHen .... yup, still strong uptrend ... for the time being. We shall watch for the reversal.

If we needs to buy to trade, buy the uptrend stocks.


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