Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day-trading for stocks dived 8%

FGV : Grabbed her timely at RM2 ... and all my q for lower RM2 not done!! See the support, see the volume ... see the 8% diving rule. BUY. So small lots done ... and sold at RM2.11. It was too fast ... done RM2 ... rebounded to high RM2.19 before closed at RM2.11... all in less than half hour!!

Yesterday, I went for AirAsia ... bought RM2.95 to RM3 ... queued all the way down to RM2.90 ... and sold at RM3.04. It is meant for day-trading ... very fast. Today, RM3 broken and I was queueing RM2.76 and below.

The day before was FLBhd dived 8% .... grabbed at RM1.57 ... but sold at RM1.56 closing as it didn't rebound to my RM1.65 selling point. Too bad. FLbhd went lower yesterday but rebounded a little today. Heard that KYY sold FLBhd?

Maybe I should try OFI if it dives 8% tmr? Issue of liquidity in this one ...

Perhaps AAX ? Just watch which one dive 8% or more, I will consider.

Tired ... and time to rest.


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