Monday, August 15, 2016

Another 3 signs you will be rich

Good morning ... feel good to know Liverpool won their first game (away) vs Gunners. Great day ahead!! Yeah ...

Another 3 signs to share ...

#1 : You love selling and you love great sales people

TEH : This is one point I FAILED ... and failed to badly. I m still not believing in selling ... selling people those GREED (buy this software .. and it will improve your trading few hundreds % ... and waiting for suckers to buy into your 'trap'). I really fail in SELLING ... as I do not believe paying thousands for trading-course to learn(we can learn FREE from internet if you wish to ... ) ... but I admired those great sales-people who are in media ... using forums or platforms to promote their service or products. They are trained well ... or perhaps they are natural. So ... they possessed this sign ... which I m still very lacking!! Ok ok ... will learn to sell myself? Still feel uncomfortable in selling, tho ... hmm ...

#2 : You believe you were born lucky

TEH : Luck is a mind-state. As we are more knowledgeable and we WILL feel luckier ... that is true. We could see more opportunities than those sitting there doing nothing (and complain).

#3 : You admire rich people and you love money

TEH : I highly respect successful people ... not necessary rich ones only but a person who worked hard and achieved what they deserved. Yes, success has been loosely linked with financial-wealth ... so, lets talk about financially-rich here. Yes ... I do admire rich people (legally earned the hard way, investing or trading ... doing legal biz ... no cheating or corruption) ... I have changed the mindset that money is 'evil' ... it is human (envious people too) who are evil. Yes ... MONEY is a magnify ... our characters ... if you are cocky type, you will magnify that when you are RICH.

I like that ... I prefer to donate to charity ... even when I was financially-idiot, poor and in huge debt. I still give ... haha ... silly me, now I prefer to earn the money ... so that I could give more. in 2010, I was donating RM100 to a cause ... it was huge to me but I feel good. Today, I will donate RM1k happily ... imagine if I could donate RM10k ... that is soon! It magnify what I want to do ... and yes, I will still be driving a Proton. haha.

Oh yes, since I m talking about charity ... allow me to promote this one(which I m going over next weekend)

HELP! Our food stock and other essential items are running really, REALLY low! Would you please help us stock them up for all the children we are helping with? This is what we need:

Food items -

1. Oats...
2. Nestum
3. Rice
4. Biscuits
5. Maggi Mee
6. Evaporated milk
7. Milk powder
8. Luncheon meat
9. Tuna mayonnaise
10. Assorted biscuits
11. Packet biscuits
12. Nescafe
13. Tea (bags)
14. Packet drinks
15. Dark soy sauce (thick)

Others -

1. Vicks
2. Medicate oil
3. Oilment for bruises
4. Cough mixture
5. Flu mixture
7. Clorox
8. Hand wash
9. Face wash (Boys and girls)
10. Hair shampoo (Teenage boys and girls not kids)

Please call 03-79550663 or email us at "" to arrange on when you would want to drop the goods off so that we can make sure that we will receive them from you. Thank you so so much!

There ... this is my regular task ... if you wish to know. When we earn, we give ... I prefer the giving part ... hope anyone kind out there will call the number above and contribute some of those items. It could be just one item ... as it is from you heart. Sincerity appreciated. Don't know how to explain the good-feel of seeing those kids ... orphans ... being taken care of and they do need us to help.

Ok ... time to do weekly shopping with wife at Mydin and buying some items above. Want to contribute? Can send thru me too ... if u trust that me.

have a nice day.


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