Friday, August 19, 2016

AEON : Dollar averaging (update)

Update on AEON : Dollar-averaging mode of investing.

Allocating RM10k for each level : RM4, RM3.50, RM3 and RM2.50

Sell at next level : Done for the RM2.50 level ... sold at RM3. Great.

For RM10k, we could buy 4000 units of AEON at RM2.50. Sold at RM3 = gross profit RM2k.

We have utilise RM40k capital so far (bought at 4 levels), gained some RM2k = 5% of the capital.

Next level to sell is the RM3 level at RM3.50.

No need to check daily ... queue sell till done.

What if it goes back to RM2.50 .... ? BUY back using RM10k la. If at RM2, buy next RM10k ... employing RM50k by then. Any rebound of 50cents is sell, can?

Ok ... we shall check if AEON at RM2.50 to buy or RM3.50 to sell ... which might take months. I m OK with 10% p.a


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