Friday, July 29, 2016

Updates : AsiaBrn, MBSB and Evergreen

Good morning ... it is a Friday morning ... where I will spend some time with my wife, bring her for breakfast and jalan-jalan.

So ... normally, Friday morning is not a trading time for me ... in the noon, I will have classes and at night, I will have an appointment (have to cancel the market-talk).

Ok ... nothing much in mind, except for the dinner-date I had last night with a successful person who struggled from zero ... more on that story during weekend.

Updates some charts I have written recently.

AsiaBrn :

It was at RM1.08 when I wrote about it, replied an e-mail about her. Today, it is trading at 91cents with very low volume ... abandoned.


MBSB : Hitting 69.5 cents this morning, a NEW LOW too. Avoid.

Evergreen :

Evergreen broken important RM1 support ... welcome to PENNY-stock world AGAIN.

Parkson at NEW LOW too ... read the importance of CUT-LOSS ... do not fall in love with your stocks.

Have a nice weekend ahead.


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