Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday blah-blah

I m taking a break ... after some shifting of more of my items from my current office, as I m moving out.

The café is packed ... so many people spending RM10 for a cuppa and cakes/buns. I m going to listen to some trading clips (as usual).

This morning I was talking to my cousin ... who is a pure 'fundamentalist'. When I said ... I reduced the trading ... and reading about fundamentals of companies, that surprised him. He thought I m a chartist!! And use technical-indicators to trade ... yes, I do ... but we need to gradually change our view ...

During bearish market ... look into the fundamentals. During bullish market .. look into the technical.

This is my idea ... so, I m reducing on trading ... checking on more defensive trades and reduce the position size too. Reduce the risk being in equities ...

Noble : Last year 31st July ... I recorded it in my facebook and it reminded me ...

Now .. today, we are seeing it at new low as commodities all at low.

I m thinking of joining his e-learning ... the cost : RM12k. I have attended e-learning by a Spore's professional group some 5 yrs ... and attended 4 others trading course. This might be my last ... while waiting for the 'crash'.

Time to move ... will be busy for coming one-two months till these shifting over and new center established.


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