Monday, July 18, 2016

Stock Watch : KESM

KLCI closed at 1670 ... plus 2 points.

Nothing much except KESM breakout of RM5.80 for me to grab some, guess due to Uncle Ben talking about it or due to the dividend. FGV break 1.60 to hit 1.70 resistance...

BJToto ex-div today and went up higher ... as market looking into dividend-yield stocks. BAT, Nestle ... Carlsberg and HeiM(previously GAB) ... all shooting up with REITS in strong uptrend (ride on it).

Read the above ... great words. Going to buy the e-book by Matt Haig. It is an interesting note about HAPPINESS ... and biz-related to it.

Ms K : Thanks for watsapp me to inform me someone is attacking me in i3-forum? As I do not read i3-forum, I m not aware and have no intention to read/reply. I m a peace loving person, so ... for whatever reasons there are some people trying to criticise or 'fight' ... sorry, I m not going into those. Thanks again Ms K for informing me, anyway.

THHeavy : Due to Sat's The Star ... seen some interests in her. See if it could be a good punt.

Movie time .


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