Friday, July 29, 2016

Stock Watch : FLBhd

FLBhd (weekly) : Once RM1.67 broken next week ... we shall check at RM1.55 level.

Last night, I met a person who grown up in Sabah ... and his father has biz with FLBhd. His father is in timber-biz ... and knew the company well. From what he told me ... FLBhd is not a good for long term investment!! Well ... I shall reserve his comments on the company ... but it is interesting to listen to what KYY has to say.

I do know KYY bought into her and like her fundamentally. I m not sure if he sold as I do not follow-up. I checked the Annual-Report and quarterly report ... it looks good but it has been pushed up way too high and now it is in down-trending.

So ... I will only monitor ... as informing all that, once support RM1.70 broken ... it will be critical and the downtrend shall continue. I do know many retailers stuck inside ...

Again ... do not fall in love in any stocks. trade at own risk ... do not blame others. Your decision.

CUT-LOSS is crucially important. Do yourself this ... otherwise, market NOT crashing yet, ya ... how do we survive?

Have a nice weekend.


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