Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Shifting to new office

Wednesday noon ... I m sleepy ... wanting to take a nap before noon classes.

But ... there are simply too many things to be done and in my head. To start with, I m closing off my current office (nest) as number of lecturers using the rooms reduced and it has always been under-utilised. I could save some money from that ... and use my new center as a new base.

I will be busy shifting many of my books and posting furniture to sell ... anyone want whiteboards, banquets tables (120cm x 60cm) , chairs. I have many items and will post it here soon.

Yes ... I m making decisions to save money ... and sell-sell-sell items. It is just part of my preparation for market crash. So, I will be very busy (and emotional too) ... and decided not to day-trade.

Will be busy and down for 2-3 months ... e-learning with few interested and could not get 'enough' to start by end of the month. Perhaps, I will start with those few, anyway.

This DJIA ... new high registered again last night ... inching high above 18500 level now.

Time to get myself motivated again ...


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