Thursday, July 28, 2016

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Morning ... DOW flat.

Technically, MACD pointing down ... but not crossed YET. Using EMA10 (the blue line), DOW is at support of this line ... and we could see a potential 20MA as the next support.

9.15 am : Genting diving ... losing some 50cents!! Wat's up?

THHeavy continues to be lighter and lighter ... might see 50cents soon? RM1, possible?

My facebook memory shown I posted this one a year ago!! These days, we could see our old-post ... hari-ini-dalam-sejarah kinda feature.

Yes ... be grateful. Be content. That is the way I m living my life and will continue to be ...

BAT : The kelawar ... which I bought around RM42 previous dive ... during news of the closing of PJ-factory. Yesterday's dive due to ... bad reports? There is a change in its 'fundamentals'?

Ok ... last chart. RHBBank(previous name was RHBCap) ... the only index-link counter which seen 50% retracement from the peak. So ... apply the 'dollar-averaging' method.

HIGH at RM7.24 ... so we start to BUY at RM3.62

Level 1 : BUY RM3.62 x 2,760 units = RM10k

SELL level 1 at RM4.12 : profit would be RM276 x 5 = RM1,230.

Well, RHB trading around RM5.20 now ... so, if we want to apply the method I shown, we shall WAIT for RM3.60 level to buy in stages, sell in stages again. Don't worry, during crash ... it will go way below RM3.60, ya.

Time to go ... classes and running around.

Coffee-date : Tonight another coffee-date ... managed to squeeze in dinner on him too. Great!!


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