Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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2.56pm : I started reading your blog since jan 15 and i took me quite some times to read all you post.

The reason why i like to read your blog other than looking for trading info is because i could feel your passion and honesty in your writing.

thank you for some guidance in stock trading. hope to join your discussion one day.

from a newbie who is waiting to read your new post everyday.


Dear Najmie

Thanks for the comment ... a nice and encouraging one, indeed. As a teacher, a small thank-you note from students would brighten my days ... and reminding me why I m in education line --- to teach.

You really read all my posts? Wow ... I seldom re-read my own posts. haha ... I just blah-blahed.

Anyway, a simple note from you ... meant a lot to a blogger like me --- it is encouraging to know that we have an ardent follower, who appreciate our stories and sharing.

Yeah ... I am passionate about what I m doing ... I have not stopped doing what I like doing. I dislike bad-human ... so, I avoided those bad-readers.

Thanks for being a good reader. Enjoy my blah-blah ... till you are bored and you might be wondering how come I m so FREE to find time just to reply to your comment.

Now is 5.45pm ... I am at my new center, waiting for my partners to come over to have final check as we are opening for classes this week!! So, I m bored ... waiting ... I m always equip with a laptop and broadband ... I prefer hiding in my blog rather than facebook, actually ... as I could write more here!!

Yes ... I m sincere in my writing ... as it is meant for my own pleasure reading. I have to discard all the criticism and attention given ... I want to hide inside here ...

Today is a sell-day for me : Sold TunePro and KESM. Still have my MBSB to sell.  Time to reduce after the buying ... and sell sell sell.

KESM : Nice candles ... still can hold and see around RM6.30 tmr.

Ok ... time to go.


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