Thursday, July 21, 2016

Goreng Stocks : Be aware

Hot popular stocks yang di-goring ...

#1 : XOX

XOX resistance 17cents ... playing on the news about Macquire ... I think.

How do we know it is goring type of stocks? The chart shown the 12cents to 70cents, then slammed down. See these kinda chart, it is goring. No touch for newbies.

Check also the fundamentals ... most of them are losing-money companies.

#2 : AMedia

AMedia : See the downtrending chart ... suddenly activated with high volume. That is called goring-stock ... and some distributions to trap retailers going on. Watch.

Buy 10cents, sell 15cents for 50% ... right? Yeah right ... think you can beat the operators? Think again ... I have advised the new tratle who came for my workshop last Sat not to punt into these as he is playing with 'fire'. Being only 2 months into market, he is risking himself ... too exposed.

#3 : PDZ

Long time no see PDZ ... last time goring from 8cents to 40cents ... some MARA-news la, Halim Saad etc etc ...

There ... from 6cents buy ... sell 9 cents. Profit is 50%.

EAH : Buy 6cents ... sell 9cents? Sell 12 cents?

9.45 pm e-meeting :

Note : This is to show how the goring the stocks ... and many greedy retailers punt into. If profit ... ok. If lose ... must cut-loss, can?

Many of these losing-money companies stocks will be in play and will be in play further to distribute to un-known newbies and to those who STUCK inside. Will discuss little about it in tonight's e-meeting.


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