Friday, July 29, 2016

Ditch your smartphone

Start listen to point #8 at around 1:33:00. REPLAY it.

It is about SMARTPHONE ... how you value your TIME.

e-mail : 90% of those e-mail is a complete waste of time. That is according to him.

This is my e-mail ... I have 11,137 unread e-mail. I m not going to read them ... I will re-set and use new e-mail soon, perhaps in 2017? Perhaps I could try gmail as 'yahoo' bought by Verizon.

See why I do not really read those e-mail? So many junks ... spams ...

messaging system : those watsapp, telegram, fb-messager and such

I do not check my phone during trading period ... I have 2 telegram group which I will read only leisurely (sometimes few hundreds messages). I have many watsapp groups which I do not read most of them.

I do not use the so-called many features of my smart-phone.

Say ... your time is valued at RM100 per hour. Do you know the how much is the COST?

Also ... anything much about financial news being shared around ... listen to what he has to say about those news-rumours sent by many into those smartphone's messaging system.

I do agree too ... that SMARTPHONE making us LESS socially close ... on family dinner table, people checking their smartphones and such!! A WASTE OF TIME ...

To be efficient ... ditch your smartphone!


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