Saturday, July 30, 2016

Build your own infra-structure

This is what I have done some 10 yrs ago ... from ZERO (not zero, I was in huge negative) ... to build assets.

Save : With small salary of RM3k plus some 10years ago, I have to force myself to save RM250 per months into ASB while paying the credit-cards the minimal amount.

Work ... work ... work ... learn ... learn ... learn. Save ... save ... save ... that little money.

Rent : Do not use money to buy items ... I could not afford a house, anyway. So, I rented a house nearby college and rented out two rooms!! I have a Kancil (RM450 per month) and a small apartment(RM500 liabilities as it used my money every month!!)

Then .. increase my number of tuition classes ... and SAVE SAVE more, to pay my debt .... credit-cards and personal loans. Live well BELOW your means. Listen to him!!

Build :  ... set up your own biz ... the keropok-biz was the stepping stone, failed badly but giving me huge experiences needed and FAILURE ... and step up again!

I moved back to KL in 2010 Jan ... still broke. But as market shooting higher, profits was good.

I cleared off all my debt (credit-cards and loans) in 2012, thanks to market recovery and profits from markets. By then, I bought my apartment (July 2011) .. after 1.5 yrs in KL.

Today ... I m selling off the apartment for cash, and will use the cash to profit much more from the coming crash. Yes ... a 10years planning ... of building assets.

If you want to be wealthy, you have to be discipline ... work-hard ... plan and wait. Be very patient. yes ... start YOUNG. Start now ... I started when I was 38yrs old ...

Came back to KL, first year here ... build the network of colleagues and reputation (as I know I m one of the best around) ... and I was building my tuition-center biz ... planned and built ... and still building it.

I m also invested in the start-up last year with some funds and tratles ... got to know the founder through ToastMaster ... and just do it. (MW - ) ...

...and will be building more assets --- more biz to come.

Frugal : I m still driving my Proton which I bought in 2010 (sold my Kancil in KK) and still riding my second-hand kapcai. I do not see any needs to get a new one, not till I gained hugely from market-crash ... I might upgrade my Proton Saga 1.3 to ... Proton Inspira/Perdana? And buy myself a big-bike as I retired.

Insurance and EPF : I have stopped my full-time job ... my EPF amount stagnant ... but I m using some portion of it (account 1) to invest/trade in KLSE and doing much better than the 6-7% given by EPF. That is ... building our own pension fund. But ... I m still paying monthly for my insurance ... should I stop that too and save that amount to be invested during crash?! That is in mind now after listening to this clip.

I m still thinking what I need to do ... to build my asset base. Along the way ... on me changing my MINDSET ... and eventually, manage to change my financial situation ... I m still thinking on HOW I could get up few more notches.

It takes 20 YEARS ... listen to the minute 8:10 ... to be successful?

BUILD your own assets.

Time to rest ... and listening more to Anton's clips.


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