Monday, November 21, 2011

Taking a day off

Liverpool won ... I am not feeling too well, and taking a leave from office. I dont think so I could write much today. Need to rest.

Checking KLCI to rebound this week?

Have a nice trading day.

10.55 am : Went to see a doctor, waited 1 hour. I have food poisoning. Vommited 3 times and frequenting the toilet ... since 10pm last night. I am grounded. Took an mc, which I very seldom will do. Also, I did not vomit for ... 4-5 years now!! Must be the nasi kunyit we had yesterday.

KLCI down 12 points, HSI down 333 points. wow ... why so bearish?

e-learning : I was e-mailing about 28 of those in my e-mail list last night before I started to frequent the toilet. Sorry ... I will send more tonight for those who did not get my e-mail, ok? I have not checked on those in facebook or i3investor who shown interests too.

e-tratle : So far 2 have bank-in. I will count till 20 to start, 50 for discounted rate .. and 100 to stop. Yes, putting the levels(just like my support and resistance level) haha.

AMMB : I am watching her at RSI going below 30 now. Watch.

12.30 pm : I slept off ... too weak.

TDM : I explained on Sat to my tratles why I bought TDM at 3.10, sell 3.40 the next day. At new high, with very high RSI is a SELL. Today at 3.20, checking 3.18 level. Buying back soon?

Kulim-wc : Another very short trade last week ... grabbed 1.11 level, two tratles of mine told me ... one grabbed at 1.07 and another 1.12. So, I sold half at 1.19 resistance, the next day ... jumped to 1.25 but retraced ... so I cleared all at 1.20. Today, it is 1.08 now ... it is NOT what stock you bought, but HOW you sell is more important. Do you get it?

Now, who is telling that technical analysis doesnt work at all? Hey, 1.20 is the resistance ... we SELL at that moment. TDM selling at 3.40 due to resistance la. HECK ... if you dont know technical analysis, if you dont even know resistance ... it is OK to say 'dont know'. Why criticise others using it and ... I used it well, ok?

If one DO NOT KNOW anything much, keep quiet ... learn from others. It is VERY ok to say 'I dont know".

2.40 pm : KLCI down 15points only. HSI might go below 18k level soon.

e-learning : 3 more e-mail in inbox to add tonight. Thanks.

DiGi : Split into 10, now RM3.65 level is cheaper to buy? That is what novices will tell you, RM3.6 is cheap but RM36 is so expensive. You see, we value stocks thru their fundamentals ... not the stock prices la. Scomi is at 30cents or DVM at 0.07 ... cheaper, right? Do learn to value a stock, that will prevent you from losing lots of money ---- gambling with DPS or Harvest? DiGi is much better than RedTone, ok?

10.00 pm : It is raining ... and I am not watching M'sia vs Indon ... the score line now is 1 - 1.

KLCI down 20 points, HSI 265 points ... Euro all in reds now. DOW will be down tonight ... and more reds in market tmr?

SYF : I am still waiting for it to go back to 20cents level to write about 'fatt tatt' stock. Yes, everyone get-rich-quick stocks that many gamblers playing on.

Tmr will be another dropping day ... stay on tight.

I need to rest early ... night.



Remnant 888 said...

Teh halia with black sugar does wonders... either at mamak's or DIY..
Take care, ya..

CP said...

Thx bro, Remnant.

Will try that ... doc given 4 types of medic.

btw, AUD should continue to be watched as China is going thru some turbulance.

market will correct from here.

thanks, bro.