Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stock Watch

AMMB : Closed at RM5.49, was queueing at RM5.30 to RM5.35 not done. A serious candidate for rebound play.

UOADev : Touched 1.39, closed a cent lower today. RSI at 40. Queueing at 1.35 level not done today. Checking if reversal will be soon. Stalk closely and wait.

e-learning : These are the charts I have been showing here. I will post these charts for my e-learning group as they are learning simple technical analysis ... through internet. Two platforms will be used : blog and facebook. Once I gathered more 'e-tratles', I will have my own site.

With learning be my main motive(not stock picking), I hope ALL could learn some simple basic trading in markets ... and in 2012, those learning will NOT lose money anymore, realising WHY they have been losing money ... and making an effort to improve themselves. NOTHING comes easy ... many taken years to learn ... and seriously, we want consistent good trades, not a mere one-huge killing!! I am a non-believer in stock-picking, so ... please never ask me what to buy or what not to buy.

But, I will post some charts for my tratles and e-tratles. In fact, this Friday meeting for my cohort-1-2 will be more important comparing to 3 weeks ago. This week we will have more charts which showing good corrections for traders to check on rebounds.

Very Busy

This blog will still be here ... but, I will be EXTREMELY busy once in Jan 2012. I will have 8 tuition classes, 2 trading classes and with my e-learning commences!! Bravo ... I will be teaching 18hours(or 24 hours) with two subjects to cover. That concludes ... this blog might be not so active?

Privatising this blog is never in mind due to ... sharing purposes. Yes, I am very willing to share my opinions as opinions are 'cheap'. It is merely opinions, anyway. But, it still take me TIME to place the charts ... and write something about it?

You could tell that I enjoy writing this blog!! No one could drag himself to do something he 'dislikes' in the morning and at night? Haha.

Same as trading ... you need to find PASSION for investing or trading. You need to dedicate some TIME and EFFORTS before you could see some results?

Yes ... whatever comes easy, will go easy too. Ask those punted in Harvest? Those are gamblers ... some novices LURED into such bad habits ... and if they do not admit wrongs, they will continue to gamble ... say, Tricubes or perhaps something else. Profits could be huge ... but losses is painfully huge too.

Buying AMMB or UOADev will not give you 100% as Sumatec might gain you, but you could sleep well ... buying AMMB at RM5.90 is not advisable as RM6 is its strong resistance, but buying her at RM5.40 is a good bargain, technically speaking.

Do you get what I am trying so hard to tell others, especially novices, newbies and gamblers-to-be?

Learn well ... learn to fish. Once the knowledge is yours, it is always yours.

Share that knowledge with your trusted ones, loved ones. Spread the knowledge around so that more of people you know DO NOT lose money in stock markets or becoming victims of 'syndicates'(buaya darat).

Happy fishing


p/s : Check out YTL and YTLLand charts. Nice.

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