Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stock Watch : KLSE

BJCorp : The one day surge in volume giving false signal ... and many aunties-uncles like me jumped in. I have to cut loss as it broken RM1 that day. Yes, each time when we take a trade or punt, we do need to accept that we are taking a risk and must set a stop-loss level. And be discipline to execute our trading-plan.

KNM : RSI at 17 level, new low each day ... closed at 0.97. Technical rebound is around the corner. This is for trading as fundamentally .. err ... it just reported losses-la. What do you think? Cheap enough to be privatised? I do know EPF have about 10% of the share the last time I checked ... but I am not sure if they have disposed their bad-investments. Mr Lee, it is cheap now ... come out with a statement, will ya? Many more bought at VERY high level and caught. Ever wonder why those novices and gamblers STUCKED inside? Because it used to be the MOST popular stock traded in KLSE. Those were the days ... KNM. I will look into her for technical rebound.

YTLLand : Still not a penny-stock YET. Stalk. RSI at 35.

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