Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stock Watch : Genting SP

Sunday ... an off-day that most of us need. It is time to be with family, as I am struggling to juggle with so many things/events.

Cohort-4 : Two absent but added 3, so there were 10 of them yesterday. We were learning the basic of drawing support-resistance. Yes, I do place importance of the 'strong' horizontal lines as support or resistance. Being a short-term trader, I need to draw more lines as immediate S&R lines. What I am sharing with my tratles are very basic. I have not gone into time-frame for trading and how we could determine the S&R to cater for our trading time-frame. By using MA as S&R, one needs to decide if you are using 20MA or 50MA. Normally, we use both. Many of times, we will prefer if the stock prices trading above 20MA.

Cohort-3 : As they are taking a 'break' for me to conduct classes for my cohort-4. They will be joining my cohort-4 for my module-5. But it will be too big a group for the room?

GentingSP (G13.SGX) : This is being discussed yesterday to show S&R. Checking at 1.50 level, breaking that, we shall watch 1.30. This is one very actively traded stock in SGX. All indicators pointing downwards, so ... it is NOT a buy at SGD1.50. Just watch for reversal, but if you are investor ... it is NOT a good idea to average down at this point of time.

Disclaimer : Whatever written here is merely novice opinions. Please do not take any of the opinions seriously. It is for learning purposes, an not a call. Do ask those know-how. I dont know.
e-learning : I will take my time to create a close-blog and my close-facebook. Then, I will e-mail those shown some interests some details about it. Once those interested bank-in the fees, I will add them in my group. The course will officially start in JAN 1st 2012.

Fight for 4G

1. Maxis
2. DiGi
3. Axiata(TM)
4. YTL-e(YTL Group)
5. Packet-One
6. Redtone
7. U-Mobile(Vincent Tan)
8. AsiaSpace
9. Puncak Semangat(Syed Mokhtar)

I will want to spend an hour or two to read this interesting 'fight' written by The Edge today. I have NOT been reading much this whole month due to my very busy-schedules. I have just shifted etc etc ... I have not really rested for more than a month. When is the next holiday-break, I wonder ...

4G business is still a LOSING money investment!! Syed Mokhtar is in the game too? Recently YTL registered losses in its broadband ventures. In fact, many of YTL's shareholders expressed displeasurement about the 'plans' ... to them, it is NO NO .. rather than the YES advertised. It will be interesting to watch ... as GOV somehow like Syed Mokhtar ... so, his new vehicle in Puncak Semangat might get a bigger pie. Well ... you know how Malaysia gov works, right? Malaysia is the most transparent country around ... and our anti-corruption agency uphold the highest integrity. Hmm ... do I sound convincing?

"Why not auction the spectrum?" That is a good article with such a title. I have not read anything much. May be tonight?

e-learning : Enquiries about 38 now. Good. So, I shall check next weekend how many really paid and willing to learn 'technical analysis' ... from very BASIC levels. You do not need to be good in Maths, just in case some thought it is only for high-iq bracket traders.

Tenaga : A reader asked me about Tenaga. Again, I do not answer most of such e-mail(opinions about certain stocks). With resistance at RM6, dont you think so, buying at RM5, selling at RM6 is a good choise? Watch for 5.30 level, and of coz RM5 level. Stochastic and RSI going lower now. So, watch.

have a nice Sunday.


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