Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Learning through klse-blogs

I was reflecting on how I learnt things ... at initial stages. Blogs!!

You see, there are many good klse-bloggers around where we could benefit from ... reading their blogs!! I always feel thankful to these 'old time' bloggers, been around even when I was still a naive novice. I admit I am still very much a novice and will need much more time --- to read and experience --- to get to their levels. To me, these are 'sifu' in their own manner.

I have shared it before those blogs I do read ... but recently, I have to be selected in my readings due to time constraints.

Blogs that we should be thankful for their existances :

1. Alex Lu's

2. Dali's

3. CW Yeoh's

4. Alpha Chart's

5. MooMoo's

6. Remnant's

7. BullBear's

8. Bone's

9. Ben's

10. Rei's

There are few more good ones which once in a while, I will drop over ... checking on updates. Some notable bloggers have stopped or some taken a break. I like SnowBall's blog but he has stopped.

Alex and Dali are certainly in forefront in klse-blogger's circle. Recently I 'discovered' Bones, which is very interesting and nice to read too. We have more new bloggers in town, actually but they are still relatively new and un-known. I do remember when I started this blog in 2008 ... I have merely 30 readers(or was it clicks?) per day. Haha ... and I promoted to those in my yahoo-mails, my friends and colleagues!! Guess what ... only Julian Lim(JL) finally looked for me after this blog was 6 months old. Yup, no one interested with new blogs ... especially if I am talking about KLSE?

Remnant and Alpha Chart have been very supportive towards me. Jackie too but he has not updating his blog for some time. CW Yeoh always gives us the fundamentals of the companies while MooMoo will entertain us with XXX companies losing money? Haha ... simply like the way he 'bang' those CEOs.

If any readers have new blogs which I do not have in my link, let me know. I will like to encounrage him/her to continue blogging ... as we do learn from reading blogs ... and if possible, being a blogger ourselves.

I have always pointed out that mine is a ah-pek market-chat blog. I dont have style, qualities, depth ... ermm .. it is purely for entertainment purposes. So, please read all the above blogs FIRST, and more ...before you read mine, whenever you are having your coffee-break.

So, please do not compare my blogs to others. They are too good for me. Financial is not my line ... I am in teaching line and I teach Maths in college level. I am just being honest. Please never call me 'sifu' as I do not think so I deserve the 'title' or 'status'. Please count me out in any arguements ... whether FA vs TA or .... whatever. I just want to blog about my opinions ... I want to have freedom to write what in my mind and nothing written here should be taken seriously(except my trading classes and e-learning la).

I have my fair share of losing lots of trades ... believe me, FA or TA, you will still lose money. These days, with TA and more systematic trading plans, my losses are smaller(still got lose la). So, as I have lost so many trades, I think I do know why many losing money too.

Anyway, I would like to THANK all the bloggers above(and more) who have taught me much about markets. Their un-selfishness making me so humble. Their vast knowledge is appreciated.

Thanks for all the sharings.

It is almost 3.30am ...



p/s : I will try to improve my English la. haha


WenJune said...

new blog?

Rei said...

Hi Teh,
thanks for including my blog in your recommended list. Didnt think that you are reading my blog. I will continue to be motivated to write/share as long as I have readers who interested to learn or being entertained.
Btw, your blog is quite informative/entertainment. It has become my daily reading list. Keep up your good work !

CP said...

Hi WenJune, I added yours. thx

Rei, u r new in my list ... and yes, i do wish those new bloggers will continue to contribute to the information sharing and letting more to learn/educate. There are TOO MANY IGNORANTS out there, too many gamblers ... and being conned.

You are doing well ... hehe.