Saturday, November 26, 2011

Learning is a process

Last night's meeting was good ... answering some questions asked. It is good to know some are learning well and has improved. Yes, making the real learning curve shorten. It takes time ... to learn and to be experienced. Not giving up is a very important ingredient to be successful in anything we are doing.

Just do it.

I was having a drink at chatime with my two tratles, CT and LK after class last night. We talked will 1am+. What I was trying to gather is have they learnt and their progresses? It is good to hear from themselves that they have learnt very well ...and CT said he has been looking at charts in daily basis!! Haha.

It is time to go and I will be meeting my cohort-4 later.

Have a nice day ahead.

11.50 pm : Just came back ... very busy and long day. I was greeted by an arrogant 'drop-by' who commented. He wanted attention so much that he is trying to use the reverse-psycho on me to get his comment published. Well, you dont need to reply as I am going to ignore you are I believe you are the similar person I have ignored(and I blocked my comment-box). Yes, I do remember you, CS. Or is that you, JL?

Whoever you are, time to get a life. You are lack of love. Let me give you a hug. You need one.

Sleep well.




3pmsupertrading said...

hi, allow me to be frank.
your english is terrible. horrendous. if i were u i wont have the courage to publish blog in english let alone teaching ppls how to trade stock.
both of which u r only at kindergarten level.

it is beyond me that they are ppls actually want to learn from u, more so they r willing to pay u rm200 per hour for nonsense. Malaysia Boleh! malaysian lagi boleh...

this comment would definately wont see the light wilth your big ego intervention. however knowing this, i still must thank you for teaching more fools into bigger morons into stock mkt in malaysia.

they are our breakfast, lunch and dinner supper.

thank you. pls continue your mission which is very meaningful to the our foodchain ecosystem.

CP said...

Thanks for being frank. You are not right in many ways with your arrogant personalities and definitely you do not contribute much to society.

I do guess you did not attend kindergarten level as you don't even know what level of English they are learning. I should know as I have a kinder-going boy. You dont.

Of coz it is beyond your high level of capabilities to understand others desire to learn. You are the few lucky ones, born genius to trade. We dont. We have to slog and work hard.

You are proven wrong as I do post most of my comments from readers, except if I suspect that they have bad agenda or perhaps wanting to use this platform for their own ... err ... oopss ... low vocab here, can't think of the word but I guess with your high intelligence, you could grasp with ease what I am pointing to.

You are welcome ... as I will continue to educate the public. But, please respect others ... they are not morons, you are.

Good for you if you gain much from markets. I am teaching others not to fall prey into your ... meals? What a joke. You made me puke.

Thanks for dropping by, anyway. Guess you are eager to wait for my reply ... ooopsss ... you mean, you dont have anything better to do besides leave your droppings in other people's place? Grow-up, bird. Dont dropping around.


bennu chong said...

chill bro... u don hv to entertain him, jz a waste of time. U r just sharing. I wonder whats wrong with it.
Btw, im new to yr blog and im grateful that someone like u existed. thanks

Unknown said...

A very good reply, Mr. Teh. Well said.

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool - William Shakespeare.

klse - said...

I've been following ur blog for quite a while, it has been entertaining and up-to-date for most of the time with ur great enthusiasm.
Well, i find it easy to understand ur meaning in our very own Malaysian problem at all. It's a kind sharing of the info in ur hand and should be appreciated by all.
Keep up ur great work.
Thx 'n cheers