Monday, November 28, 2011

Educate yourself

1.40 pm : It is Monday but KLSE will be closed. It is a public holiday.

I took about 15 minutes to explain signs of reversal to my tratles, using CIMB as an example. Yes, I prefer to use CIMB to see if the reversal from current moment is sustainable or we shall see new current low for CIMB? Yes, I noted to them 6 early signals of reversal using technical-indicators and also some knowledge + experiences in trading. Yup, entering at 6.68, we still need a stop once the low broken. It is too early to say if it is will reverse but .. TIP.

TIP = Think In Probability.

This is what I am going to share with those in my e-learning. I will share with them how I see reversals, using SIMPLE basic technical indicators. I am speaking in probability, not certainty. If I have 60-70% chances that it will go high from current entry level, with good risk-reward ratio, I will be glad to take. That is how I see my AMMB. We shall check on my AMMB this week. My entry price at RM5.51 and at RM5.64 at the moment. I will check RM5.80 level. Watch.

class learning vs e-learning

Someone asked the differences between my current trading classes and my e-learning. Well, the differences are obvious ... my trading classeshave direct access speaking to me and sharing with me what they dont understand or ask questions related to how I see stocks or markets. That is being shared personally whereas through e-learning emphasis will be on explaining the terms and how to use those indicators!! It is different ... I talked for 3 hours for one module in a week ... but I am going to teach through internet using charts to explain(some good websites and books will be recommended too) one module in one month!!

In person, you have to drive all the way to attend the classes(dont worry, you are not alone ... there are about another 10 of us do too) ... and it is a long 3 hours classes with terms flying across the small room!! Haha ... in e-learning, you could take your own pace to learn(that is why it is one month) BUT ... knowing human nature, they tends to get LAZY or ineffective through on-line. Too many distractions during going online (facebook, chat, e-mail ... what-u-got) could stray you away from your focus!! If you are here in the room, as we learn together ... you tend to find the momentum easier to LEARN ... unless ...

... unless you are a self-motivated individual. e-learning needs discipline, maturity and being independent. Therefore, motivational quotes and clips will also be shared during my e-learning course. Seriously, not many could be as focused and dedicated like me to ... LEARN.

I am still using my closed facebook for my tratles and will create another one my my e-tratles(those who are learning from me thru e-learning). I still communicate with 30 of them in our facebook in daily basis. Once my e-learning blog and facebook in operation, I will be too busy to update this blog.


Someone suggest that I could make it a closed-blog and he wont mind subscribing to read my blog!! I do know I have regular readers and willing to pay, say RM10 per month, to read my writings. Thanks for the support ... and suggestion. Assuming the current 1300-1500 readers, 10% of them willing to pay to read my blog, that will be 130-150 of them. So, I could get RM1300-RM1500 per month writing this blog!! Not bad for making my blogging-hobby an income-generating!! Why not?

Why not? Well, you see ... it will defeat my purpose of educating the klse-investing circle!! Yes, I want to reach out to MANY in KLSE who are still(and will continue) losing money. They DO NOT even know why(attitude and mentality problem) they are losing money ... and believe they will re-coup the money lost in future. It is matter of luck that they will catch something like Harvest ... perhaps in Tricubes?

Do you feel my passion in educating others? Privatisation of this blog will narrow my sharing to few(100 odds of them only) ... and lives are meant to be shared. Knowledge are meant to be shared. Experiences are meant to be shared. truth are supposed to be told ... or is it?

Forums-going kakis

You see, we have MANY people subscribing to some stock-picking-tips and fall prey into their tricks. Many of them. One of my tratle subscribed to 'StockMaster Forum' for a month and lost money!! She stopped the next month. Then, she wanted to learn technical-charts reading from them but they are charging thousands. I asked and ... listened. I do have few frequenting some forums, talking about stocks too. I have asked them to reduce(or stop) visiting such sites as those are noises. Forums are platforms being used to disseminate rumours or tips ... so that syndicates could TRAP and CON those greedy ignorants into their gapping-mouths. That is how many losing money.

If you dont wish to lose money and DETERMINE to be the top 10% in markets, then you should learn what RISK is. No one should go into markets without realising that market is a RISKY place to be in. WHY is it RISKY? Because ... without knowledge and experiences, you chances of profitting consistently is almost ZERO. Educate yourself and increase your knowledge is the way to reduce your risk. It is risky because you dont know how.

Another pointer I have mentioned again and again to many newbies ... DO NOT cultivate bad gambling habits by visiting lowyat's forums and such. Please get real ... it is your money that many sharks eyeing for. Dont be naive ... why would anyone giving you the tips of what stocks to buy ... as might as well, he buy it himself? Well, he bought something ... then he asked many to buy so that he could SELL(distribute) to you ... understand ka?

Ok ... this blog will remain 'free'(at least help me to click my adsense la, ok?) but not so frequent posts after Jan2012 due to my extreme busy schedule. My attention will be my existing trading classes and meetings while my e-learning will keep me very occupied.

tratles : There are currently 30 of them from my cohort-1 to cohort-4.

cohort-5 : There are some enquiries but sorry to say that I am too busy to start another cohort-5 anytime soon. But, please keep the e-mail coming in and I will place them into KIV list. Once I got the number, I will try to find the time to start the class!! The rate will be RM250 per hour, so I do need the number so that they wont pay 'too much'.

e-tratles : There are currently 16 of them registered. I hope I could get to my target of 50 of them. This will be my first e-cohort-1(Jan12 to Jun12 batch). It is RM270(10% discount) but those late-comers will be paying RM300. 

Please spread the news to those you know that in KLSE. Do share with them my blog(it is still free, ok? hehe). Chances that they still losing money as they DO NOT know what to buy, when to buy... and most importantly ... when to sell.

e-mail me at I will introduce members-get-members scheme soon. Haha.

An e-mail from a reader who was interested in my e-learning

Hi, I think I will give it a try - although I am not sure if I will learn all in 6 months. By the way, how do I check whether this is not a scam business? Thanks

TEH : When a person do not trust a system, he will find faults in the system, looking for weaknesses and not focus on how the system works. When a person could not see the benefits in learning, it will be a drag and ... the motivation to learn will dies off. Many of people attending talks or courses THINKING they have known so-much ... and guess it right, they wont learn much from the talk or courses. It will be a waste of time and money.

You may ask around how many of them attended those PAID courses and still losing money in markets. You guess it right again, they blame it on the system!!

I have two tratles who attended ChartNexus before ... in fact, they are my senior. I attended the 4-day course(I only attended 2 days --- day one and two, mind you) and paid RM4k+. There were about 30 of them together as my coursemates. Guess HOW MANY OF THEM still using ChartNexus to trade? I do know that NONE OF THEM attending any of the regular meetings. Guess WHY?

Will you blame it on the software, the system, the trainer ... or the entire KLSE as scam when you fail?

I am not going to convince you I am a real person(LOL ... could any of my tratles clarify that I am a real person ... and not those scams? Haha). But as I see it, no one could learn well with such doubts.

1. You dont say ... I will give it a try. It does not sound convincing. You should say ... I want to learn. That is a stronger conviction

2. No one could learn all ... certainly not in 6 months. In 6 months, you are only told the definitions and how one could use these indicators to help them to analyse charts. I repeat, NO ONE could learn technical analysis in 6 months. Not me. I took months for EACH indicators and STILL learning more about them!! I am DEFINITELY sure that majority of them could NOT learn analysing charts in a 4-day course. Definite!! If you think after the 6 months, you will be able to trade ... I am sorry to splash the cold-water again ... you can't. Then, what is the point learning? Because ... we get ourselves educated first ... and that will reduce our risk.

3. It is NOT a business ... it is education. My tratles are my learners and students. I have an ex-tratle who told me to analyse HIS chart stating that he PAID me, I got upset and making sure he will stop my course(glad to know he did). Yes, I do not see myself in business ... not yet. I am still more interested with education and sharing. So, it is not a scam? But glad that you do think of it that way!! It shows that you are being CAREFUL ... and that should be cultivated in many. Thanks

Liverpool 1 Man City 1.

It is 2.40 am now. Need to rest.


A reply to an e-mail(in Malay?!)
e-mail : Hi, ku terasa kecewa bila baca blog mu yg sering kutuk forum org lain baru-baru ni terutamanya dr stockmaster dan lowyat, krn mu dan admin forum lain juga merupakan sifu ku yg telah menguntungkn ku selama-lama ni, ku rasa kecewa juga bila mu sebutkan mu sebagai guru yg cuma mendidik murid-murid dlm pasaran dan bkn utk berniaga, sebaliknya mu juga kutip fees jg..

TEH : I am sorry if I disappoint you as I am not here to please everyone. I am here to share with those INTERESTED. This is just a BLOG-la. I do not think so I 'kutuk' others ... but I am pointing out my suspicion from what my other tratles and readers telling me about them. And yes, I will want to repeat that those in the forums will NOT LEARN anything much as they spent their time yak-king about how much they gained from Harvest and looking into Tricubes to get rich ... er... next month? That is NOT REAL. Wake up ...

As the are your sifus, I am not la. I am just a novice to ENTERTAIN in my own blog. If I like to write about anything, I will ... with the main objective is to SHARE knowledge with others. It is not meant to kutuk anyone as I am just a novice, ok? Do you know how many of them losing lots of money(and sleep) listening to tips from forums?

Yes, I am more of the educator. What is there to be disappointed about as I am only charging a minimal RM200 per hour and share by 10 of them. Excuse me, each paying RM20 per hour to learn trading? You may ask most of my tratles in my cohort-1 to cohort-4 ... most of them do know mine is the cheapest around(and feel thankful) and wont mind travelling all the way, pay some money to LEARN. Let me tell you what the fees is for ... my TIME. Do you think my time is free tho my knowledge I shared freely here and with them? Excuse me ... how many hours do I spend to gain my current level of kknowledge? Do you know that I have spent thousands in buying books and paid RM4k for chart-nexus course? Not to mention thousands of hours of reading and re-searching? DO YOU THINK THAT IS CHEAP and should be FREE? THINK my friend, if you have my knowledge and experiences ... and you are DEDICATED TO HELP OTHERS, what will you do? If you could answer me, let me know. Thanks. Terima kasih, in Malay.

If I am to teach Math-tuition, I am paid RM120 per hour at the moment. I have 8 tuition-classes. Do you think I should spend my Friday nights teaching others in KLSE for free? Or should I rather spend my time at home with my family? No need to be disappointed as you do know know how much MANY paying(in thousands ... do some simple survey la) to learn trading and profit from markets?

e-mail : apatah bezanya didik sama niaga..? ku ingin jg ikut kelas mu tp ku serba salah krn mu sbg sifu ku tapi tindak seperti iri hati..dan cuba fitnah org lain utk kepentingan diri mu..

TEH : It is ok for you to mis-trust and do not understand my motives. I am here to educate. I do not have intention to fitnah others for my benefits. I am not going to convince you, I m not good in marketing and I DO NOT CARE much about that. Learn from you, feel thankful, good. Dislike my attitudes, mis-trust me ... you have others to learn from. No worry. They are sifus .. they are good. I am not. SINCE WHEN I SAID I AM A SIFU? I have even told my tratles not to call me that as I feel I am NOT QUALIFIED. I repeat, I am a novice ... budak baru belajar ... why should I be iri-hati? Haha ... you are very wrong about me in many way. And stop jumping into conclusion la, ok?

Didik = educate ... ask my tratles who have been with me for 3 months plus in person. Ask those who read my blog for past two years and learn from me. That is called DIDIK. If NIAGA, then it wont be RM200 per hour, it wont be RM300 for 6 months in my e-learning. Believe me, one day ... I will use NIAGA, then many will start to view me differently. At the moment is DIDIK ...and I am pendidik. Yes, I am an educator for 25 years now.

e-mail : Harap-harap sifu jgn tindak sbgt supy org lain tidak cakap yg bkn-bkn..harapkan sifu ku imejnya terjaga..

TEH : Hmm ... I am not your sifu, or even my tratles' sifu. I am just a blogger la. Kalau lain orang main mengumpat atau cakap-cakap, biarkan lah saja ... mana la kita boleh hentikan tu ... betul tak? Betulll ... Frankly, I do not have image to protect. Err ... thanks for the idea, may be I should start protecting my image and SELL my blog, SELL my knowledge, SELL my trading classes, SELL ... apa-apa saja, janji NIAGA untung duit si-orang ramai. Thanks for the idea. SELL my integrity and soul too.

e-mail : Akhir sekali, blhkah sifu tlg jelaskan kandungan yg akn diajar pd ms yg akn dtg..?

TEH : Itu sure boleh ... tapi you BUKAN customer I ... you learner(student). The small amount of fees is to justify my TIME spent?? I will send you the kandungan ... just dont call me sifu, boleh tak?

Terima kasih.

Now, I will want to clarify a few things ... I am not critical about the some courses offered. In fact, I will like to encourage many to join some of the courses offered!! Yes, it is certainly better than BLINDLY going into markets without any much knowledge and experiences. I am critical of the LEARNERS as I suspected many are not there to learn ... we Malaysians are NOT learners. We want to be given the fishes mentality. The get-rich quick is always in mind.

My next trading courses to attend

ChartNexus : I attended the course last year as I do think the software and the course is good. I am confident of the organisation in educating more traders to learn. The biggest obstacle is those attending the 4-day course. Majority of them could not grasp the concepts, most of them know nothing much after the 4-day intensive training as ... yes, it is NOT easy. It could not be easy as my Mathematical brain struggled to comprehend those terms/concepts taught in hours!! And I have prior knowledge before I attended, ok? To encourage a retiree(and an ex-english teacher) to learn teachnical-analysis is TOO MUCH ... I rather tell them the truth ... seriously, do not waste your money. DO not be too optimistic and thinking that you could learn to trade after the course. Market did not work that way. It is simply NOT easy. Ask around, please. But, the software and meetings are good ... they do have a forum for many newbies to learn from the trainer(s) and I like that follow-up. It benefitted those who want to learn .. and guess what, I appreciate may pointers I learnt from there.

Now, I am going to point out again ... it is the LEARNERS. Majority of them will fail to learn to trade as they do not have the right mindset. They are not persistent and motivated enough to take the challenge. They are not patient enough to learn ... yes, give yourself about 3-5 years to learn to trade. That is what I told my tratles too ... because I believe an average good-brain needs 3-5 years of consistent learning. Normal lazy brain might take 10-years(or never la) to learn to trade.

Martin : Another good one should be Martin's VSA course. I will find time to attend his course(and paying another few thousands, it is OK with me ... I will gain it back). Yes, to me ... these are real sifu ... no talking about Harvest and understand how syndicates using forums to trap ikan-bilis.

Fred Tham's technical analysis course is also in my mind. I might want to take the certificate in technical analysis to gain some 'respect' in this cert-craze society. At least I will show them ... see, I got cert one leh. haha

NextView : They do have trading courses too ... and I will subscribe to their portal in Jan.

Once I learn more of these courses ... I will like to see myself going from novice to intermediate level. Then, I will share more here ... and conduct my own trading courses. Yes, it will take another 5 years when I slowly get away from teaching Math(currently) to teaching trading.

I have high respect to these 'gurus' tho I do not have sifu-idolising mentality. I believe that education is a process and continuous. My sifus are from books ... such as I like Livermore's trading mentality and concepts. Of coz I like Graham's investing philosophies.

There you are ... I never kutuk(criticise) those good ones ... those REAL sifus who have been around, guiding many(including me ... through their books --- excellent books for novices).

I will encourage many to buy books written by Martin(and Bill too), by Fred Tham ... and by NextView.

I do have high respect for Tan Teng Boo's too which I subscribed too.

10.10 pm : HSI closed 350 points UP. Yes ... we might see some light when KLSE re-opens tmr ... time to sell or buy?

HSBC (code : : Up HKD1 today from oversold region. It is a good stock to grab some but it is expensive. Ouch. Marc Faber bought Hang Seng bank, instead.

SHK (code : : Marc Faber said he bought this one too ... and I checked that the PER is below 5 now. That is cheap ... certainly cheaper than most(or is it all?) of property stocks traded in KLSE. It closed at HKD94.65. Price wise, it is not cheap to buy(not for those aunties-uncles who like Talam la) but valuation wise, it is cheap. Good stock to have in our portfolio.

Appointments : I do still have four or five outstanding appointments by year-end. I do hope I could make it next month as I should be free for 2 weeks in Dec during my break.

Penang-talk : Yup, as I am not flying back to Sabah(sigh ... I should make it a point next time instead of keep giving excuses that I am too tied down!!) ... I am thinking of travelling to Penang again. Yes, I might have a talk and this time I want to speak about buying into HKSE's stocks!! Yup yup ... as I am reading (and buying) more of HKSE's news and stocks these days(due to cheaper valuation and attractive technical levels) ... I will like to share with those in Penang about my HKSE's stock-list and how we could go about to trade HKSE. We should invest in cheaper markets and cheaper stocks. For traders, we want transparency ... and we want independent analysis!! HKSE providing me that.

Well, I will give discount to 8 of those attended my my first Penang-talk ... see if this time I could get more than 10 of them interested this time.

I have not planned on the date/time(should be after X'mas and before New Year) ... as I was just asking my mom if she wants to go to Penang again next month. She said she will be pleased.
Time to read newspaper and The Edge.

Tmr KLCI should rebound ... good trading day ahead.

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