Saturday, November 19, 2011

e-learning of technical analysis

It is Saturday morning ... I do have classes in the morning and then I have my trading class in the afternoon(2.30 to 5.30). So, it is another busy day for me ...

DOW up slightly ... HSI down another 320 points.

KLCI : LAst week or so, I shown KLCI with bearish crossover in its stochastic, thiw week the chart confirmed that and showing another bearish crossover. It needs to hold at support 1445 level. Charts are IMPORTANT to trade. Watch.

Cohort-4 : Today, I shall be doing module 2(support and resistance) with them ... some are in markets longer than me but I do have some totally new ones. I do have my youngest tratle in this batch but she said she can cope well. The group could grow bigger today with addition of 2 or 3 of them coming. So, I might need to shift this class to a ... bigger room.

e-learning : Yes, I think I do have 30 enquiries ... taking away 30%(those ask ask but never be real), I shall still have 21 of them. So, it is above 20, my minimum number to start this e-learning of technical analysis.

Brief introductions

Level : I will only cover  basics of technical analysis. So, if you are novice or newbie ... even if you are just about 20-year old, as long as you are willing to learn, you are welcomed. But if you already know most of the technical-analysis stuff, then I do not think so it is worth your time, effort and money. But, if you just want to re-fresh your memory regarding these basis, you are welcome too.

Duration : It is 6 months ... from Jan12 to June12.

Fees : RM300 ... It is still cheap ... as it is in trial-basis.

Payments : I will e-mail to those interested my Maybank a/c tomorrow.

Structure : For a month, I will discuss one module and the focus will ONLY on the module.

Platform : As I will create another blog(closed) for these discussions, comments and feedbacks will be answered for EDUCATIONAL purposes. I will also create a close facebook group for daily updates.

Module 1 : MA and RSI
Module 2 : Support and Resistance
Module 3 : MACD and Stochastic
Module 4 : Risk-Reward and Trading Plan
Module 5 : Fear and Greed

I will write more about it later. Those still interested, please e-mail me. Thanks



Kin Man said...

Hi, I am interested, I PM-ed you on FB already :)

Ng Chong Jet said...

Dear CP, i am interested also. May i have the details and what is the next step?