Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bear Day : Time to buy?


10.10 am : KLCI down 12 points.

Is that what we want? I want more of negative side, please ... HSI going below 18k level now.

AMMB : Staying up well, above RM5.50, signs of reversal? Need to wait for another day ... will DOW down another 100-200 points tonight?

10.35 am : Just checking HSI ... down 365 points now. Why is KLCI so resilient one? Is it KLCI the best market around arrr? Waiting for it to dive down 50 points also so difficult?

PChem : At RM5.80 ... yes!

StockMaster Forum : I have been deleted from the group!! Someone told me because they are also offering a technical analysis class ... and afraid that I will 'steal' their customers? Hmm ... They have been offering stock-tips with a fee for months now, I think. I do not subcribe to tips. But I wont mind learning technical-analysis from them, if they are good. I do not envy on what others doing-la ...

I am in education line, not business. I am much more dedicate to teach well. I dont go for auntie-uncle-yuppie -get-rich-quick stocks. I have discipline, rules, criteria and concepts behind my analysis. That is me. I dont make comment on others. There are MANY types of traders, investors, punters in markets ... many gamblers and get-rich-quick mentality too.

I am not competing with anyone for 'customers'. Nope ... I dont treat my tratles as customers .. they are my 'students', where my wish is to see them LEARN. Look ... use brain, not emotion. If you think you could learn from punting here and there, please go ahead. Money is yours, anyway.

Just remember why 80-90% of them losing money ... wait till I come out with my book "How not to lose money" and this will be in one of my topics!! Do not listen to rumours and tips!!

Digi and TSH : Both in red ... profit-taking time ... if didnt close higher, bad candle-sticks will be formed and technically bearish soon. It is a sell when things flying ... too high, too fast.

KNM : In deep red again, new low ... this is one speculative stock, might be playing on taken-private news again? hmm ... it is so much cheaper now, you see. Cheap could go cheaper for not good stocks.

TopGlove : At 4.17 level today ... I have written to ask my tratles who bought her at RM4-RM4.10 level to sell last week at RM4.50 level. Did they? I dont know ... once the so-called glove-maker rally is over, you have to give up but dont be stubborn. Let her go at RM4.50, can buy back if you insist of having her, ok?

5.45 pm : I was away ... having 'free lunch' literally.

Harvest : What another incredible recovery in ONE day. Haha.

KLCI recovered too ... lost only 4points plus while HSI down 387 points.

AMMB : Grabbed at RM5.51. Will check if its goes to RM5.35 to grab more?

CIMB : At 6.68 level now. Wait.

BJCorp : At 0.995 now ... check.

TSH : Closed at 3.82 ... you may ask who are those rushing in to buy her at RM4? If you are reading this line and you happened to be one of them, then you do need to LEARN not to chase or be greedy.

AirAsia : At 3.55, touched 3.45. I dont know who just bought at RM4 during that surge too, ok? If you are one of them, e-mail me ... and I teach you how NOT to chase and be greedy. Otherwise, whatever good stocks you are buying, you will still lose money as your entry points are bad. Of coz, exiting points are more important.

10.40 pm : Malaysia is losing 1 - 0 at Bukit Jalil.

DOW down another 100 points now ... good. More sell-down will be seen in HSI. Many stocks in KLSE is becoming cheaper, technically.

Malton : This is to be watched for rebound.

BJToto : Well, at below RM4.10 level now ... watch for RM4?

Need to prepare more bullets for some Thanks-giving shopping.



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