Thursday, November 24, 2011

AMMB : How I teach e-learning

Note : The above chart is for educational purposes.

AMMB was brought up by my tratle, EK of cohort-1 as his 'homework'. He done a good thorough basic analysis being taught 3 weeks ago. Starting from KLCI, then Finance Index and looking into AMMB chart. Yes, that was done 2 weeks ago and he posted in our Facebook for all to comment. Of coz, I commented the most. Haha.

It was at 5.85-5.90 levels then.

By explaining to him the HKSE's banking stocks and showing him the financial-banking charts, it is a matter of time KLCI's banking stocks will be affected. So, I asked him to watch but I did state that it is kinda IGNORANCE to buy AMMB at RM5.90(pay me RM300, I teach you thru e-learning ... RM50 per month to save you from being such a pure ignorant and to lose money ... buying AMMB at RM5.90).

I asked him to check KLCI. Yes, bearish crossover registered then. So, AMMB will be going lower ... and of coz the level to check will be RM5.38. If you just bought at RM5.85, you wont believe it will go down to RM5.38, right? It did not, you are half right. It went to touch RM5.45( I was queueing too low) and yesterday refused to move lower ... so, me and EK bought at RM5.51 level.

You see, before market closing ... I was teaching him to check the first MACD histogram WILL be formed last night. Today is the second green histogram and by tmr, bullish crossover will be seen in oversold region.

EK, of my cohort-0(learnt the most from me as he is my colleague and he teaches Maths too), joined my cohort-1 to learn TA. Today, slowly I think he will get the idea of trading after ONE YEAR with me. Serious ... it took him one year to be motivated to learn-and learn again(he lost in his UEMLand trade last year!!). As a teacher, I 'let' him trade and lose money ... it is needed for a person who never trade in markets. You NEED TO ACCEPT losing first ... learn more before you could improve.

The trade is still on and I will want to guide him more of when to take profits or average up, if he wanted to. I told him too during lunch with him that AMMB most probably WONT see RM5.90 this time.

e-learning : This will be given in my closed blog ... few charts in a week to discuss and FOCUS in the indicators being discussed. Believe me, YOU CANNOT LEARN in DAYS. NO ONE CAN. Dont be stubborn, dont be naive ... you attend a class for 3-4 days and think you could trade?? Wanna bet? I am not doubting your high mental capabilities ... but it is simply DO NOT WORK that way. It takes time and more time to experience and to know how to ... have a safe trade?

In one month, one will learn only ONE module and focus on that. Seriously, you will need MORE than one month to even understand how to use one indicator. It is NOT difficult ... everything is at your finger-tip. You just need someone(like me) to guide you on what to use, when to use and follow some important rules. Yes, traders are DISCIPLINE lot. Without patience, motivation to learn ... and discipline, we cant be successful much in anything we do, right?

Note : The above chart could only be comprehend AFTER 6 months learning those technical terms and such ... even that, you could NOT trade well yet ... time to get experiences. That is what I told my tratles.

Hence, those hardworking ones .... WILL LEARN great lots from me thru my e-learning programme I am setting up. You dont pay thousands ... you dont travel(I know you are ... err ... busy?) to learn ... and you can get feed back from me while you are learning. What else could a learner ask for? HOW I WISH SOMEONE came out with this e-learning for me to learn when I was a novice merely 3-4 years ago?

Many unscrupulous people out there. Beware.

There is one recruiting 'students' to pay them online to teach them technical analysis.

Another closed-blog attracted many subscribers for stock-picks.

One facebook-forum charging members for stock-tips.

Another offering service to analyse charts of your choice.

Some selling their systems and softwares.

Others claiming theirs is the only proven system around.

Yet ... no one could tell you WHY YOU ARE STILL LOSING MONEY after buying those systems, attending those courses, getting those stock-tips or rumours, learning and reading more books ... no one telling you that stocks are manipulated, and the loser is not the system(s) ... but the biggest loser is YOU. I will splash cold-water ... and dare myself to tell you that first. I want to see if you could even survive the first round of harsh reality in 10-rounds-bout. Otherwise, you will be one of the THOUSANDS who have quitted markets ... and claiming markets is a SCAM. It is a gambling den. Those people are con-men ... and you just dont have the LUCK for gambling!!


You decide on these services, which is suitable for you. If others fail ... you can still look for mime, as I teach you how NOT to lose money. Be the top 10% first in the market ... profits will come later. How long do you take your degree again to able you to work to earn some money? 3-4 days? C'mon people ... you make me laugh. That cant be real ... believe you, you will fail and lose money as markets cant be learnt in days or weeks or ... even months!! Who claim

You are really want to learn and learn it well, I am doing a 'service' here. Consider me as a 'tuition' after you attended lectures and most probably failed(you will blame the bad lecturers, obviously).

Contact me at for details.


p/s : I will update on AMMB once the trade is done --- profit or loss. Chances of losing is low(lower risk) entry at RM5.50 level. Entry at RM5.90 2 weeks ago is a high risk entry point. Learn about risk and reward too.


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