Sunday, October 09, 2011

My tratles : Learning space

A training place

As I am busy with my own shift of apartment, I have scrapped-off the idea of using home as my office and training center. A training center with basic facilities is needed as I am giving tuition and trading classes, anyway. I do need Wi-Fi-able and a projector for a start. A place where I could show charts and the teaching of trading will be much more practical and effective.

With that in mind, I am searching for a place near SS15 Subang Jaya office for rent. Perhaps I need a space about 400-500 sq. feet. The rental should be as minimal as possible (below RM800?). Hmm ... currently I am renting the room and paying averagely RM400 per month for my classes, anyway.

A new set-up of a trading-place will be a good start as I enlarge my trading-classes further next year. It will be much more organize (ha-ha ... currently it is like an ah-pek method of market-talk. ha-ha) with manuals printed and given!! Well, by next year, it won’t be as cheap as current rate (RM200 per hour, shared ... so, around RM50-80 per person per session), of coz.

A learning space
I will only like to focus with my existing 3 cohorts: Cohort-1 is 8 of them, cohort 2 is 8 of them and cohort 3 is 10 of them.

So, with a total of 26 of them so far, it will be growing larger (minus-ing some drop-outs!!)When I am going to have my weekly tratles-meeting in month of NOV or so (and a start of my e-book writing) and the purpose is to LEARN to use the indicators we are learning in 5 modules.

In addition to the meetings, I will also occasionally have market-talks … and/or teaching those who might be interested with many more indicators or technical things that I did not share in my current modules. Things come in mind are such as candle-sticks and chart-formations. I am not favouring BB or FR and many more … so, I will not touch on things I am not familiar.

Well, setting up a place by next month or so is becoming necessity before I could talk about cohort-4 or so. My current cohort03 will be running for another consecutive 4 coming Saturdays. So, I will be very busy …

I am currently using facebook-group to discuss on some charts to analyse. That will help each other to understand better. Yes, NOT stock-picking platform. Those who attended my classes hoping for some stock-tips or stock-pick will be VERY disappointed. It is a learning place and space I am creating, for many KLSE-kaki to hang-out and share each other pain-joy experiences. Indeed, it is a social trading meeting for my blog readers!! Majority of them are my readers!!

Cohort-4: There is a request that some of them asking if I will have a new class as they missed my cohort-3. Well … I have to say that I’m too occupied with my current commitments. I’m afraid to say that I won’t be free till DEC. By Jan 2012, it will be a crazy month as more Further Maths tuition classes will start. Oh yes, by the way … my students are still (and will always be) my main priority. My tratles come after that … and my NEW cohorts will only commence once I could take full responsibilities for my current students (learning Maths) and tratles (learning trading) learning process … I will put a pause for the time being.

Yes, I will KIV those requested for my cohort-4 list and yes, I do practice first come first serve basis. With the space constraints, I have to limit the number in the class to TEN. A bigger crowd is much more difficult to handle and too large a crowd, it won’t be effective.

These three cohorts of mine will be my focus now. To teach them individually will be a huge challenge. I will ‘used’ those younger ones or those ‘experts’ to help their own course-mates. Yes, it is a group and team spirits that I am trying to cultivate, irrespective of age, skin-colour or gender.

Currently, I do have more males than females (5 : 1), more Chinese than other races and a mixture of learners from early 20s to late 50s.

Anyway, too many things in my mind at this point of time. I would not be trading much as my mind is too occupied with things going on. I need to focus in my teaching first.

Nothing much to analyse as many stocks STILL below 20MA. The short rebound might be shorten again as the confidence of investors or traders in markets are very fragile. It could be shaken with any little noises.

KEuro : Flew off sharply on Friday ... I did not monitor her.

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