Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My Tratles Group

Well, there is a facebook page created by one of my pioneer-turtle. And I will be there to share my views on some charts. A good platform to teach others. It is a closed group, as it is for educational purposes. And it is only for those who are attending my classes.

I will try to be there around 10pm, where I will normally check on markets and such, while reading some current business news around, updating in daily basis. So, those who are my 'turtles', please add me in your facebook and I will invite you to the group. Thanks.

Yes, I will use the term tratles which coined by BL too. Thanks BL for being creative!! Haha.

Tra-tles is a word from tra-ding and tur-tles. Smart way, indeed. So, I will call the group tratles. Hehe. Nice.

Anyway, I do try to send out what I bought in the morning but it is NOT for them to follow!! I grabbed TopGlove(back to my cost price, shooting star ... need to clear tmr for small-loss), MudaJaya(at 2.08 average in the morning before it shot up to 2.20 level now) and UAOdev(bought after lunch at 1.28 average --- checking her going above 1.30 level now).

Yes, Mudajaya was shared by BL last week but I didnt check her yet as she was at accumulation stage. So, I started to buy at 1.92, which sold yesterday at 2.05 and 2.10 level. Today, grabbed back at 2.08 and check if she still flying tmr(most probably as DOW and FTSE in green now).

MahSing at resistance of 1.80. Need to wait for breaking of 1.80 resistance. Are property stocks in play again? Then, it is worth to look at E&O again, ya.

Cohort-3 : Those who is still interested with my third class(starting from fresh --- new) this Saturday, please e-mail at . Thanks



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