Saturday, October 08, 2011

My Trading Class

This is my post #1800. Nice number ... waiting for 1818. Hehe

I just came back from my market-talk. Two new additions : One young student who is studying law(my reader too, of coz) wanted to join in the classes!! Hmm ... how to discourage him to concentrate in his courses rather than trading markets??!! Another is an accountant by profession. I have to be serious if I am talking about fundamentals now. Getting nervous ...

Cohort 3 : Tmr(later, I mean) I have my cohort-3 starting(2pm to 5pm). I think about 8-10 confirmed so far. I will speak about MA and RSI.

As I will be having classes from 8am till 2pm then my trading classes, I think I better sleep earlier now. Tired.


7.10 am : Morning ... my notebook corrupted and I lost everything!! Sigh

Time to go for classes again.

7.15 pm : Classes for whole day ... and I STINKED. Haha ... Pity those 11 of them in closed room during my class. And for three long hours!! ouch

Yup, I am tired to write now --- dinner time.

It is nice meeting many ... dont know who is going to drop-out after today's class!! Today we speak about Price-volume, MA and RSI. Are you are trader or an investor? Do you know TA or FA?


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