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Learning is a process : Learn to fish

DOW up 150 points. It was down 200 points in early trades!!

Quote : Everyone is asking for a fish but nobody wants to learn how to fish. You give a man a fish, he eats for one day; but if you teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

Sharing makes the world a better place

People say it takes money to make money --- but I would say it takes money to lose money. If you dont have the money, how can you lose money? If you give money to a fool, the money will be gone in no time; conversely, a person who knows how to make money does not need money to get started --- he will be able to make money through his knowledge.

For example, if a person wins a lottery, he might be spending all his money in a very short period of time. When the money is gone, he will be in great depression as he does not know how to make it back. His condition could be worse than before he won the lottery.

Whereas, if you were to take away all my money and my assest, I will still be able to make it back in no time at all because I already have the skills and experience. Knowledge and experience are something buried deep inside your brain, once you have it, nobody is able to take away from you!

One good thing about knowledge is once you share it, it will become double, triple or even multiply ten-fold! By sharing, people can learn from you, apply it to their own lives, and they might even share it with others and the knowledge will grow from there.

Can you see how powerful and wonderful the cycle is?

However, there are also people who are reluctant to share their knowledge. They have a mindset that if I share it today, you might be taking over my place next day.

Normally, people who are not willing to share their stories are those who are not very successful. We came from the same school system where 'scarcity' is stressed. Unconsciously, we are being told that there is scarcity of resources in this world.

In fact, resources are in abundance. I have an 'abundant' mindset and there is more than enough to go around. It all depends on how you view it. Apart from that, the school system has always reinforced an image that there is only one "Number One" in the class and you are not allowed to share information in an examination. Subconsciously, we have been programmed to be selfish. Under this system, the fittest survives. Sharing has never crossed their minds.

For enterpreneurs, we believe in sharing resources, sharing contacts, sharing information --- that is how we grow. For example, if there are 3 people in a meeting and everyone is keeping their idea, all 3 will end up with one idea each; but if everyone shares his or her idea, then everybody will walk out of the meeting room with 3 ideas in their mind, at least.

Most importantly, sharing makes the world a better place, doesnt it?

taken from --- Jerome Tan : Bankruptcy to Multi-millions

Note : I will recommend many to get his 'small' simple book, writing about success.

Morning ... I read about this short writings in his small(yet powerful) book. SHARING ... yes, we are in sharing-information business here. Blogs are personal ... as an ah-pek blogger like me, I could write anything I wanted to and it is up to readers to extract and interpret the information.

Teach a person to fish

I am in teaching line ... so, obviously I prefer to teach a person how to fish. That is also IF I know how to fish. In trading, no one could tell you exactly what fish to catch tmr or next week. We learn from experience, with our tools ready. Yes, we have to be dedicated, diligently learning to check on many factors before we could have a good catch.

Firstly, if we are going to go fishing in a small longkang behind our backyard, our tools might be simplier and dont expect a big-fish there, right? But if we are going to ponds or river to fish, we will be using different sets of fishing tools!! And if you want to catch a bigger fish, we need to go to the sea ... with bigger boats and very different fishing-tools, right?

THINK about fishing for a while. You dont need to have real experience in fishing to understand the 'analog'. If I tell you that the other ponds which 200km away have more and much better 'quality' of fishes, will you venture there or will you be satisfied with your toman from the river near your home? THINK.

Being in Sabah, I have went to the sea before for fishing ... I was inexperienced then. It is VERY hot under the sun, but with abundance of fishes. At first, I failed to catch any fishes in first hour while my father-in-law, an experienced Sabahan could easily caught many!! I was amazed. Hmm ... then, I observed and ask him some simple techniques!! Wow ... it really works!! That is fishing ...

Jerome : Everyone wants to be successful but the problem with most people is they want to feel comfortable, they are not willing to go to great lengths or suffer great pain in order to get things they want. They have a perception that pain is bad.

You see, so many of them in KLSE want fishes EVERYDAY. When many catching Supermax, all you could hear of is everyone is asking anyone ... Supermax can buy or not? Never occur to them to learn and they have been in KLSE for years, yet never want to increase their knowledge, yet they want to be 'around'. It is funny .. yet it is a serious issue. It is our faulty school system, moulding such individuals in our mass production of diplomas, degrees holders. They are simply too LAZY to work harder to improve themselves. Hence, asking for a fish, rather than learning to fish, comes 'naturally' to them

Asuuming you are the VERY few who want to learn to fish. Then, how should you start? Begin to learn what are the tools that we may need to use. Start with small ponds ... catching small fishes!! Learn the tricks or two. What baits to be used ... where do we buy those baits and how much the amount is. Dont expect to get good catch in your first trip. BE PATIENT while you are learning.

Once you are familiar with a certain 'place' to fish, move to another 'ponds'. Look around you, ask around and you will be surprised that many fishermen will help you and share their experiences with you. Learn to listen and pick up some knowledge from there. Well ... then, go shopping for new sets of tools as the environment is different this time. What is our strategy now? What's next?

If you have a long term goal in fishing, you have to plan and learn. One at a time ... no one couold be a good fishermen in a day or a month or a year. It takes years of learning to fish ...

Then you wont be asking around ... this fish Supermax can fish or not today in the current environment? Because you will continue to ask around for your lifetime and you might not catch anything at all ... after years!! You get tired, exhausted ... and giving up on fishing. You might think of gardening is more suitable then!!

11.20 am : Busy this morning ... hehe ... KLCI up 10 points at a point, still up 4+ points. I am wearing green due to DOW up.

Buyings : TopGlove and MudaJaya.

Watching : IJM and MHB

Buying : UOADev

4.45 pm : KLCI up 13 points. WOW.

Mistake of the day : Grabbed TopGlove instead of MHB. Topglove at my cost price but MHB could gain me some profits. Well, we could not have everything nicely planned, right?

The two stocks I was looking are UOADev and Sunway yesterday. That explains why I was clearing Dialog at RM2.30 and also clearing my PChem and MHB too at cost prices.

Today, I bought back MudaJaya and Topglove, added UAODev to my list.

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